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Brand Focus First Principles

Digital Marketing. Every Business Owner needs to know the First Principles.

I'm Darragh, and I work in digital marketing design as a brand consultant. I help business Reposition brands effectively. More importantly, I design and build brands and websites and link them to the bigger world so any business can be found and make money. What shocks me is that even the marketing people in your business and within the industry may have no idea. And it is kind of worrying. Right!

Who is selling here?

Nevertheless, the fundamentals of all Digital Marketing are to sell you something. And you may not even be aware that you are the person they are selling too. As a business owner myself, you need to quantify the return on investment; this simple fact tells us something fundamental do more or do less.

Let me explain.

Would you buy an advert in a magazine for $2000 if it returned only a few customers? Most business owners would say no way! There is risk in all business, and you need to try new things; however, trying any advertising without adding a metric to measure the result is bonkers, in my opinion. Not being able to value that advert or the money spent on the following year's publication. Sadly this happens way too much, and lots of businesses are throwing good money in the air and hoping it will come back. Thankfully this does not have to be the way.

What is working?

I'm here to cut through the BS.' hopefully, even the marketers and Digital people read and learn something here. I call it blinded by numbers and terminology. I'm writing this post as I believe education is the only way forward. As the business owner, you need to understand your business and not be blinded by these numbers and terms, and I'm here to help you know where your effort should be.

First of all, connect your website to Google Analytics.

Now I know in your head you are saying yea, I'm doing that, but I'm telling you that you don't understand the information Google is providing you. Google Analytics is the most powerful tool out there. You need to understand how important the information is that they provide you. Most people take one look at the dashboard page and nod there head in agreeance with the Digital Marketing, but what if I told you it was your ignorance that stopped you from understanding the information that's right in front of you.

Get a clear view of what is going on.

I've noticed that business owners and marketing people don't understand digital marketing basics. So I'll use a real-life example here to help you know just one of the hundreds of things your business can do. So if you have access to your Google Analytics, open it up now and then make that phone call to ask the question. Once logged in, you'll see a tab on the left-hand side called Acquisition Overview. On the top right, you can select a date range. You'll see a pie chart divided into the various channels where the data came from. Depending on what media channels you are doing, this pie chart can identify where your money and effort should be allocated.

Let's take a closer look

At a first glance, I'll try and help you decide the areas you need to work. Depending on your business's life cycle and the places you've focused money on, your results may look different.

Organic Traffic 69.3%
Direct Traffic 23.2%
Referral Traffic 2.7%
Social Traffic 2.4%
Paid Traffic 2.2%

Make sure your focus is right

In this case, the business was placing considerable effort on referral websites and social media. They were shocked when I showed them the efforts had a minimal impact over 12 months. Ironically they were running around like a headless chicken and focusing on creating new products and offers rather than focusing on what was working. After looking at the data, it reveals some vital information. The first thing is that the referral websites, social media and paid search are the areas that need improvement. The methods and the money been spent is not returning the capital invested.

Are you sending customers away?

So why is this? The first thing to understand is that your referral websites and Social media websites are there to keep you on their websites where they create income. There is a war for your digital attention. Think about your visit to a social media site and how time passes. However, reversing this process to drive the traffic back to your websites can have a substantial amount of benefit, adding to your bottom line considerably. In today's digital world, it is about making those opportunities work for you.

Ask me how

To conclude we would like to help and shape that customer experience for you. We would also want you to help us input your ideas so we both can take ownership and grow your business into something special you always wanted. Start to explore your strategy and develop your ideas with measured results

    Organic Traffic

    Direct Traffic

    Referal Traffic

    Social Traffic

    Paid Traffic

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    Sydney Design Agency

    design willchange everything

    First of all put some wow in your brand. Hello and welcome, I'm Darragh from Wowwee Design, Sydney Design Agency a contemporary Graphic Design Agency in Sydney. Secondly I help a business solve problems using my design.

    From the perspective of a Sydney Design Agency the biggest obstacle a business faces is to adapt to an ever-changing internet world. I will help you thrive here, shifting customers perception so you can flourish.

    Undoubtedly my Sydney Design Agency is focused on engagement, I'll help you drive growth through transformation. Subsequently, change is like starting. Nobody wants to start or change. As consequence of chance once you do commit everyone will loves the results. Moreover, as your Design Agency I'll help you take the guesswork out of marketing. I use analytics and provide you with visible and measured results.

    Accordingly, I'm genuinely a straight talker and encourage you to learn and understand the process. As a result, I love the hard and can't work projects. Let's explore what is possible. My concepts and ideas will bring momentum and inspire your business and customer too.

    Strategic thinking, planning and a new approach will allow you to get on with growing your business. Instantly you'll start to feel like you have control of your business back. Manoeuvrable, Adaptive, Resourceful and Respectful these are the attributes great companies and products build on. These qualities I will align with your brand. I want to see you thrive when it comes to innovative ideas. I' also understand that a smarter design should support measurable results. Reach out and make change happen today.

    Additionally, i'm armed with an array of skills and access to know-how. It should be noted that this Sydney Design Agency  will get business moving in the right direction. Similarly you'll see there is more I can do when it comes to digital. Admittedly, I'm incredibly hard-working and I help some of the largest business in Australia. In short my creativity is a gift, and my design agency Wowwee is what I share with you.

    Graphic Design Sydney Coronation Logo Design Wowwee Design Sydney Design Agency

    Looking for A Great Graphic Designer Sydney

    Looking for a Graphic Designer Sydney.

    "I'm your man" Firstly, there is no time like the present to update your design and brand with a new graphic designer in sydney. Update your style and get everything looking fresh & new. Wowwee Design a Sydney Design Agency can help you reshape the look of your brand and business and breath new life into it. Importantly, we don't just design amazing logos, but as your Graphic Designer I can also help you shape and renew your existing logo or website and bring it in line with modern styles.

    Shape your Graphics and Brand

    With this in mind, so why choose Wowwee Design as your graphic designer to help you shape your brand ? We are across technology, and we offer you a measured result. Additionally, we use platforms like Google Analytics to measure the engagement of the design we create. Similarly, when it comes to website design, we will guide you with our UI and UX layout experience Especially so buttons and links are where they should be for that optional user experience.

    Get the details right

    On the other hand, when it comes to Photography, I'll help you style a gallery of images that talk directly to your audience. The right age groups and demographics are critical for your first impressions. Really we I'm much more than a graphic designer. Nevertheless, you can never underestimate the power of the right image. Without a doubt, it is one thing to design amazing graphics and styles. Likewise, you'll need all to put all this design and marketing to work so they can pay for themselves.

    Activate the experience

    Secondly, Wowwee Design can also help activate designs across digital platforms. Moreover, we can help you monetise and see the value the creative campaigns. Above all, Wowwee Design can help you across all the areas of design and innovate a powerful strategy that will connect your customers to a meaningful experience. But more importantly, business today is about the experience. For instance, if you deliver that experience, be that drawing a love heart on their coffee cup or small mint chocolate with their bill your customer, will notice and come back for more. As small as the token is as humans, we appreciate being made special.

    Ask me how

    To conclude we would like to help and shape that customer experience for you. We would also want you to help us input your ideas so we both can take ownership and grow your business into something special you always wanted. Start to explore your strategy and develop your ideas with measured results

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      What Makes A Great Website Design

      Website Design Sydney

      Undoubtedly a website is an essential aspect of any business. It surprises me that so few companies put hardly any effort in to keep their website design updated and more importantly, the mechanics behind it. Furthermore, the collection of data is so readily available in today's world. Despite this business spend to much time on the design aspect and not enough focus on the mechanics. Firstly a good website should be able to be found using keywords of your products or services. Similarly, over the years, I've seen customers who paid lots of money for a website that was not even indexed.

      Keeping your website design updated.

      Without a doubt, all business put a lot of effort into the website design aspect, which is kind of like a one-hit-wonder. Wowwee design offers clients maintenance to clients that wish to stay on top of things. For instance, the software and website will need security updating. In the case that you want to include a monthly update, we can cater for that aspect too. My advice is to stay on top of things have that point of contact that you can call and get things updated. Its a lot cheaper than paying a full-time marketing or website designer.

      What is involved in a professional website design

      As a rule, any website should be functional to deliver the content the customer is potentially looking to find. It should be rich full of keywords and images that describe the products and services you sell. Besides, the fantastic graphics and layouts which will make the content easier to read. Equally, a navigation system that clearly, breaks up the specific content. We all use websites every day people expect things to be in the places they should be. As a book, the index is on the front the glossary is in the back part. Website design is similar, and you should make it easy for people to find the information they are looking for.

      Fill your website with traffic.

      One big mistake people make is that they expect that once they have finished there website design that customers will flock to it. While if you have a vast customer database that you are communicating too, this would be true. However, in most cases, you'll need to be advertising and using social media to get the word out there. Using Google Analytics and Adwords can be of enormous benefit here to identify patterns and behaviours of your customers. All of this and you communicating with your customers takes time, and often most businesses don't even do this.

      Ask me how

      Start to explore a new website design and develop your ideas with measured results

        Logo Design Wowwee Design Sydney Design Agency

        Make A Great Logo Design

        Amazing Logos Work Very Hard

        Indeed when it comes to Logo Design, we'll put some wow into the spark that creates everything. Our logo process uses the design process where we explore with pen and paper the ideas that may be possible. Also rather than bring three concepts that often create indecision within a business, we'll start to sketches our ideas and what might be possible, but more to the point how it can work across the application. Importantly we'll start developing our ideas together to build a logo design that is something unique and new.

        Your logo will be the hardest working employee you'll ever have.

        Once we have conceived the idea, we'll be able to test it to see how it works across different applications. Furthermore, your logo design will have to work across many social media and business network platforms such as Linkedin or Facebook. To say one size fits all is make-believe. It needs to be adaptable and capable of resizing to suit the purpose intended. Your logo like your employees is tirelessly out there earning money for your business. The only thing is that your employees go home at the end of the day. Your logo once conceived will work for you day and night, and as a business owner you'll be pleased to know that has to pay wages, your logo won't be getting overtime for all the work it does.

        So why do some logos cost more than others

        Depending on how serious you take the business, you'll soon learn that different print process like screen printing or website uses different colour systems, resolutions. Controlling colour between these is an art form in its self. We often build a set of guidelines that assists users with the process of the applications and styling. There is also Trademarks and other factors to consider. So how much does a logo design cost? Well, it depends on the number of applications for Logo Design. For example, alternatively, if you pay $50, you won't be getting much. Subsequently, a well-developed idea takes a lot more time. If we build a Logo Design Guideline, we start to consider the use of the logo across anything. On the whole, think of an airline, and you see that their logo goes everywhere, even on the seats.

        Ask me how

        Start to explore your logo design and develop your ideas with measured results

          Packaging Design Sydney Wowwee Design Sydney Design Agency

          Make Great Packaging Design

          Nothing Beats Great Packaging

          Wowwee Design, we are experts in building brands through design. Not only do we create your brand, but we also make a measured result using analytics. Great packaging establishes an emotional connection with customers, that will help you stand apart.

          Memories are built with Touch and Smells

          Accordingly, just think of those lovely gifts you've received over the years and the anticipation of opening that surprise concealed within its packaging. The Aroma and a tactile touch of the material let us understand what the product is but more importantly builds association and brand loyalty. While beautiful typography and design are critical. The material and the tone of voice used in the language communicates what the product does. The qualities the product represents to deliver a clear and consistent message.

          Know your customers and market

          Equally Professional Packaging design that works is an art. As a packaging designer, you'll need to make a smart decision and understand the depth of the market and your new customers what it is that makes them choose one product over another. The shape of the containers the bottle are essential when making an amazing packing design. Last but not least Wowwee Design, we'll provide you with the insights to connect you to your customers. We also have extensive experience in working with high volume gravure printing to offset small run digital printing.

          Explore new materials

          We are also able to help you, source suppliers from across the globe. Some of which make the most innovated products such as cornstarch plastics that are 100% biodegradable. Or sheep's wool containers that out preform polystyrene insulation by 3 to 1. Our experience extends past the design and packaging. We are also able to source product ingredients as well as importing them to Australia. This can make your business much more profitable. Plus the better price point more appealing to consumers. And who is not in business to make money.

          Ask me how

          Start to explore your packaging design and develop your ideas with measured results

            Canna Air Care Medical Cannabis Grow Room Product Brochure

            Packaging Design Sydney

            Get a brand that looks professional

            Wowwee Design A Sydney Design Agency based in Sutherland helped create a new brand for Canna holdings. Canna Air Care is at the forefront of medical cannabis they are leading the way in crop propagation and building new techniques to assist growers with higher yields. I’ve learnt so much about this in the past months and really hope that this is the cure for so many sick people. Its amazing the research that is been put into this and well worth a youtube night to discover why medical experts all over the world are so excited.

            We helped them by streamlining their packaging design by working out the most cost effective way to package their unique product so it can be transported internationally. Calculating the size and the method filled boxes with products and filled shipping containers which had a huge cost saving that they were not shipping air.

            Ask us today for a free review on how we can help you design and manage your packaging to grow your business.

            Wowwee Design Sydney Design Agency

            Making a great business card

            I’m Darragh a Designer from Sydney, and my business is Wowwee Design, I believe that if you are going to prove a concept you should do it yourself first to show it really works.

            I’ve always believed in the importance of the first impression and it’s fascinated me throughout my life. It’s so worth it to make an impression, when meeting someone new for the first time and if a business card can help, well why not make the most of it.

            With any meeting, you are there to gain there trust and show them you are the best person to do the job.

            The whole process starts with a first impression a friendly smile, which you hope brings you most of the way. On the odd occasions
            that I’ve met a frosty reception, I always hold in place my thought “I’m here for your business” and it’s a great feeling when I gain anyone’s trust.

            Introducing yourself and handing over that business card, gives you confidence and if the first comment is I like your card you’ve actually gained a small piece of respect the fact they have agreed you can design something. Really all you have to do is prove you are able to complete the contract within the guidelines.

            Fascinating really how a first impression is so important, over the years I’ve had people who have held on to my card and even asked for a few more, which is always a positive and leaves me smiling.

            My clients know that I do my homework and research and develop a great product for myself.  I love it when I get to share the same quality I expect for Wowwee with their company.

            My business cards have been the hardest working person in my office and it really works.

            The quality of the paper and the presentation show people that your the kind of person who knows how to get something done properly and right it’s a representation of you.

            There is much more of a science to this, depending on how much work you’ve done with your brand over the years. But there is one thing I always believe and that is that you should never change your logo or colours so nobody recognises you anymore. Logos and brands should have subtle edits to improve the appearance that really nobody notices provided you’ve done it with a professional designer you won’t have to do much.

            You'll never regret making the effort with a first impression

            Everyone loves a good business card.

            I recently remodelled my own business card and I thought I would share the process. I want you to achieve that really fantastic business card that everyone wants to keep. So how do you go about making one I’ll tell you!

            You’ll never regret making the effort with a first impression

            The Business card specifications are Stock: 600gsm Touches Paper front embossed and the debossed area across the pattern foil logos and lettering front and back & foiled edges with one special Pantone colour.

            Having decided the stock the first hurdle I faced was the stock was only produced up to 300gsm. As my mind was set on this stock as it had glued together to achieve the desired thickness 600gsm.

            While designing the embossed and debossed pattern I wanted to create a depth and tactile surface.

            The trick here is your line strokes and depths because you’re creating a pushdown and relief effect in different areas which are separate printing plates. Really your just using the shadows from the relief areas to create the patterned effect.

            I had the emboss and debossed letterpress plates made which I also used for the foiling. Each different process needs to be in different layers as each process is done in different steps.

            I ran hundreds of tests on all my printed effects before applying it to the real job. Colour, foils embossing and debossing and paper are all combinations and can give you different results also keep in mind that all printers have different machinery.

            When selecting the paper you must determine if the paper surface is soft or hard enough to create your effect.

            Different papers have different makeups so it’s always best to get samples and run your own experiments.

            I tested my foils also on the paper so I knew the effects I wanted to achieve.

            The great thing about using traditional methods is that you really have the chance to try different colours and effects before committing to the final design. I have to say I never changed anything from the original plan if you are working with somebody who wants to explore the options it really is a great process.

            It’s slower process than just your normal business cards $100 x1000
            24-hour delivery as it’s not your average business card. I was so excited to see it all come together.

            The results were just how I had pictured them in my head. The last part was applying my specially mix Yellow PMS colour. You really need to have a lot of communication with your printer while doing a special letterpress card my print manager Melody is bloody fantastic I often call her my eyes, hands and ears, and she really understands and knows the importance of sticking to the design.

            So what’s the cost of producing something like this – well the simple and honest answer is it’s not cheap! As you can see there is quite a bit of time and effort involved.

            In my opinion, I could not put a cost on gaining a new client.
            I’d spend thousands if I had to and walk over hot coals! The client is my customer and that is invaluable to me and without them, I’d have no business. So look after them!

            Whatever way you look at this these cards make money and get you recommended. Wowwee Design produces all sorts of designs for all sorts of different people.

            Essentially it’s up to you inspire your client and, hopefully, they will allow you to produce all your ideas. This is just one way of you making a big impression.  So what is the cost of gaining that client – priceless!

            Is your Brand invisible

            Is your Brand Invisible?

            We are all susceptible to this…just think of that moment you call your partner…’where are my yellow socks?’. You’re standing and looking in the sock drawers, and you can’t see them!! Automatically that brain of yours goes into gear doing what it does best, rationalising explanations to make yourself feel better… ‘are the yellow socks in the wash, or on the line, or has one of your kids stolen them and is looking the bee’s knees today at Uni in your yellow socks? Eventually your wife comes to your calls and looks where your looking and picks them up….”there they are dumbo”! What just happened there is what happens to brands, where you’re so sure that everyone can see you but you’ve become invisible!!


            Over many years of designing brands I’ve seen this happen all too much and really not at the fault of the service I offer or the clients Your just reacting you market changes. Now I’m not one for the blame game, it gets no one anywhere, when you’re working with your design agency its team work and so you both have the responsibility to help each other’s business to help each other grow. And when you logically think of it, a decline in their bottom line would mean a decline in your bottom line. When in actual fact what you should be doing is sitting down with each other and revitalising your design chemistry.


            Under our logo we’ve written a new catch line – Wowwee Design “change everything”.  We’ve changed what we do as at the moment our market places are changing so quickly that making that all important strategy no longer works for years and years and you need to be more adaptable in today’s market for you and what your customers wants!.

            So what actually happened from that exciting pitch when you were struggling and your agency came in and made all your dreams come true, and not only that but you could actually justify the costs as you can see results. Well this is what they call in economics the law of diminishing returns. Wow I amaze myself that the days sitting there in University where I thought I was asleep and wondering to myself what was the point of learning this stuff. The economic law how I was taught was… you have one Mars Bar (assuming you like them!) that you really enjoy, but when the second one is eaten it was not as good as the first, and so on for the third and fourth, hence the diminishing of your satisfaction. The only exception to this is addiction, where you need more and more.


            So applying this law to your business and customers well you can see where your business will end up. Within Australia all businesses fight this huge diminishing churn of their customers, rather than fixing the actual problem. From the side of your Design Agency they start to feel deflated and uninspired… all that good stuff you use to tell them and now all you do is pick faults. From your side your throttling them asking them what they are doing, and there starting to think did we do something wrong? You use to love us!!! Maybe we should take them for lunch! When its written you can clearly see what needs to be done.


            We are all people not robots or fortune tellers. But you need to stop what you’re doing and sit down and work together. Otherwise nobody wins. The truth is that your design and marketing that your customers like today take a huge amount of effort and with so many different ways you can go these days, and yes like the client and design agency your customers suffer from this diminishing satisfaction within humans of more, more and more.


            So our new strategy is to ditch the long term plans and focus on short term, and “change everything” but here is why it makes sense! In the long term you might have owned a TV Station and you use to get media companies coming to buy blocks of media from you, but the market changed a few years ago and we have got these great super smart iPhones and people changed when they got them, we all started to do more and more on them even watch TV on a smaller screen!! Hey but we all love big screens! Well we did, and then we found out that we liked the more personal service that iPhones give us with great apps such as Netflix and iTunes. People change, and your business and mindset has to too.


            At my business we no longer have people at desks, but rather at home working and collaborating in a very different way. I get to be creative in the best way in my own space, and with technology you can now video call me for a meeting but either way we have all changed and there is no business that will escape the technology boom, you must change everything now before you can’t see those yellow socks even though they are right in-front of you.

            We love to hear your feedback feel free to post and share

            So what do you do when people don’t notice you?. Next Post