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Happiness is a Website and Business that Works

Let go of what is not working!

First of all, we all have old habits that we are doing continuously that serve us no good. However, it is the same for your branding websites and the marketing of your business. Let me explain often; I see businesses repeating patterns that once worked and no longer do. Importantly it is because it is all you know. But it would be best if you were careful of this cycle as it may cost you your business.

Overall, I'll focus on the website and design aspects. You can have the best products in the world, but if nobody knows, what's the point. Especially in a creative business, you feel satisfied with what you are producing. However, the lack of sales will soon wear away that enthusiasm and your designs will start to reflect this. You'll spend hours, days and months questioning what am I doing wrong!

Don't let bad choices and people hold you back

So I'm here to tell you it is nothing but your bad choices and often the people around you that keep you where you are and stop you from moving on. I've met so many people over the years who have had beautiful websites and products taking advice from people who are struggling themselves not to mention with no experience to deal with this problem.

Overall it is stuck in a rut situation. If you surround yourself with people who tell you I used to, and ten years ago I was making so much, it is time to change your thinking. Let me tell you; they are the words of someone who ten years ago had something but has not moved with the times. But, although this may be hard to hear, other businesses are doing what you are doing and thriving.

The first bubble to burst is 'it looks great!

So often, as people, we can make ourselves look great on the outside, but how we are feeling inside may not be what we are showing. Website and people are so similar in this way. But, so often, the inside workings do not reflect what is going on. Your website is complex, especially when it comes to how it works and gets found. Thankfully, with the help of so many great tools these days, we can better understand what is going on under that hood!

The Kiss of death! I've fixed it! I can leave that now!

Unfortunately, fixing something on your website or search prefs does not mean that it will stay fixed. Your website has so many different factors, including software, security and how the search engines view it. If you think Google is not updating millions of times a year, you'd be mistaken. Google is trying to do the perfect search. As website owners, we have to try and do things their way. Well, I think it would be safe to say they know what they are doing!

Stop saying! This is the way I do it!

As business owners, we need to stop this. Your way is not always right! And either is a good thing to copy what a business colleague or competitor is doing. One size can't fit all. A great starting point I'd advise is to draw a list of what is working and what isn't.

What isn't; is where you need to focus.

Please don't say the words, I think! Instead, look at your data and analytics. If people want more service, well, give them that! That is business 101. Even with my own business, I have had to do this. Ten years ago, people wanted glossy brochures. Today they want a website and data. If I continued only doing brochures, I'd have no business. But, you see, old habits, methods and people die hard.

Some things will never change.

Significantly some things never change, and that is your unique selling point. As an example, tell the customer about what it is. Use your writing skills here to say Australia Designer Hand Made, or only two ever made. Automatically here you are creating demand. However, if ten people come to buy the offer, you can offer them a chance to pre-buy your products at an early stage. Now tell me that's not going to be an excellent place to be!

Last but not least!

Ditch those old ways and methods and people that no longer serve your greater good. It is automatic once you align yourself with magnetism, and you won't even have to try. If you don't believe me think back over your life and see those days when someone did something amazing for you, and you felt great, and life was peachy. That's the feeling you need to get back to, and the people and methods are vital in changing.

Your website design is just the same, making it a feel-good experience from the layouts to be able to buy something, the follow-up emails to the packaging and delivery. Happiness is a website and business going places.

Need to Ask a question? I'd be happy to answer it for you.

    Great Restaurant Menu Design Wowwee Design Sydney

    Great Restaurant Menu Design

    Why have a great restaurant menu designed?

    Given that you run a restaurant, you'll understand the importance of your menu both on the table and for online booking. In fact, a great menu design will save your team so much time. First of all, it will end those endless repetitive questions. For example, a great photo or description lets people know what they will be getting. That is a win-win in my mind. Broadly speaking, it is also important to illustrate this with your online website presence.

    Great restaurant menus work really hard.

    Secondly, a great restaurant menu is like your logo website or branding. It works very hard and never really gets paid. Given this, it is really worth your while to put considerable effort into your menus and online presence. When you consider how much effort the major tier-one players put in to their restaurant chains.

    First, however, as the manager or business owner, ask yourself if we are doing this ourselves. We are cooking, cleaning and importantly serving customers too. Surprisingly,  lots of restaurants seem to working way to hard and not putting enough effort on the menu design. But you have to ask yourself if this puts the best version of my business out there?

    So what makes a great menu?

    Clearly, readability is always top of the list. Font sizes are critical both on a website and on the table menus. Small fonts and typographical fonts that are hard to read is a no go. Readability should always be top of your list. With readability comes excellent visuals of the meals you want to sell. But, of course, we all have access to smartphones that can take amazing pictures. A great photo on your menu helps show people what they are getting.

    Colour plays a massive part in menu design. You don't want to have white fonts against light backgrounds. It is just too hard to read. So picking bright and contrasting colours like black type of light backgrounds. If you need to make something stands out, do it so we can read and notice it. Be clear with your descriptions, and don't oversell them. For example, we all know that hand-watered lettuce is more text and using up valuable space, but your customers can see through this. Tell them what they are getting, and if you have room, show them a photo of the product.

    Let's Talk Marketing!

    For one thing, you can use your menu to start selling other products. For example, most restaurants sell drinks, but have you considered helping the customer make a choice. After all, not all of us are accustomed to knowing local beers or wines.

    On the other hand, you might have a remarkable sauce you make in your restaurant. It is a great idea to show this to customers. Then, take the sauce home with you now for only $5.99. It's all about putting the best you and best products out there!

    I don't have the money? I'm too small!

    Restaurant menus and designing brands takes tremendous amount of time and effort. However, you may be able to reach out to your bigger suppliers and run promotions based on  a co-op to help them sell more products.

    Show the best You! it's so worth it!

    Clearly, a great food photo speaks a thousand words. However, I've told many restaurant chefs and owners that people eat with their eyes. So if you are selling Fish and Chips, showcase this to your customers online.

    Printing the menu!

    Make an effort to print your Menu Design nicely. Don't let the customer down when they pick up that menu. Experiences are made from not just the visual aspect but also the touch. All lovely papers feel like silk. That is part of the experience. So make that first touch something to remember. You'll also have to ask your graphic designer to add things like paper varnishes and laminating cover. Remember, restaurant menus might be pick up thousands of times, so they have to be able to withstand the wear and tear and be very durable.

    If your restaurant is in a precinct, link to their networks.

    In particular, Sydney has excellent restaurants and going out precincts. So linking your website menus and offers can help people discover your business. Importantly, these entertainment areas are advertised, and with your restaurant being there, you can take advantage of this.

    Get the Digital Ads and your Social Media all aligned.

    One of the biggest problems here in Australia is that small businesses don't advertise. Ironically I hear it way too often. I spent $50 in the month, and had no ROI, so I stopped doing it! Restaurant Advertising is something you need to do all the time if you're in business. Set up your Google Ads and Analytics account and start advertising. If you need help ask Wowwee Design today.

    Don't forget great signs work really hard.

    Show the best of you on your restaurant menus and websites. However, don't forget to get to  design a nice big poster or signs letting people know that this is the place to come and eat when they are there. Do the simple stuff, turn the lights on. Put the A-frame sign out the front saying we are open or your current offers.

    Don't stop at a great restaurant menu design.

    An essential part of any restaurant is to enhance the experience. As soon as your customer walks in, greet them take them to the table bring them a welcome drink. They are your customer. Treat them well, and they will always come back. Importantly don't be afraid to reward them. Ask me how to add a little Wow to your business find a solution that can help your business grow.

      Graphic Designer Signs

      Signs Your Getting Noticed

      Signs that you are getting noticed!

      Accordingly, over the years, I've always stressed the importance of a great sign can be for your business. Be that on a company van or at the front of your retail shop. However, good signs do one thing best to let people know what you do or simply where to go.

      Graphic Designer Signs

      Above all, a great logo design is the first part of any design process. In my opinion you can certainly tell the difference once you've had it done by a professional graphic designer.

      City Manoosh Bakehouse is an excellent example of this. Importantly, how when the odds stacked against us to achieve our greatness. Turning things around and moving forward, you may even surprise yourself.

      They are all about the fresh middle eastern ingredients. It is so tasty and, in recent times, it is loved by many Australians. By the way Darragh the Irish man absolutely loves their fresh food approach.

      That said, it also makes it easier for me to, as a graphic designer. I to like to experienced the products for myself. For this reason, I get a better understanding of what it is I'm trying to communicating with the general public.

      So it is suffice to say that I know it's all about the fantastic toppings and ingredients. That feeling for authentic comfort food.

      City Manoosh sells middle eastern pizzas primarily. Owing to this, I added the main ingredients around their business name in a circular shape that represents the pizza base. Cleverly surrounded by all the ingredients in a typographic style.

      Now I'm a huge fan of typography, and designing logos. However, you'll see later on how I bring this to a whole new level. Importantly telling people what your product is about is really key to delivering a great design.

      For example, as a graphic designer, I love to write down all the things I feel about the brand. In this case, I had words like Tasty, Fresh, Love it, Yummy and putting them next to the ingredients. I just knew it would work.

      Given that, they asked me to design an amazing sign for them. The owner Khaled had sent me people he knew and that they were going to produce it. But, after many months of working together, you sometimes get a feeling that the sign contractors are not talking about what the owner wants. And they are two different things.

      Indeed you have to consider the costs of the product and what the owner wants. Honestly he was almost just at the level of acceptance. Now, as a graphic designer, I know I can do better!

      Then Khaled said Darragh do this, make it happen. So my first point of call is to see what we are dealing with. The shop has a fixed awning at the front, and as a start-up business during covid, there was certainly no big huge budgets here.

      As a rule, can I make something excellent? Hell yea! Can I bring it at a better cost? You bet, yea! I can.

      My first point of call is to understand the structures of the building, but more importantly, this sign was to be put up on a busy city, Sydney street.

      Now for any younger graphic designers or people out there who plan to execute a project like this, your first point of call should be your local council. In this case, it was the City of Sydney Council.

      The City of Sydney has excellent guidelines in helping you achieve what you want to do. Importantly you need to apply for permission and have the relevant safety and skilled builders in place.

      I need everyone to understand that you can't go and make a sign or hang it yourself. It would help if you had professionals.

      To clarify, I had all my homework done and a good understanding. For this reason, I can now start my design process. Importantly, and I make no bones about this; I love what I do. On the other hand, nothing overjoys me more than pushing my own boundaries.

      Although my logo design for City Manoosh was all about the typography and making those letters work together. Indeed I did loads of research and started to compose the sign using a 3D effect with Illuminating LED front faced letters.

      Granted, at this stage, in my head I know this is possible. But, unfortunately, showing it to the client's suppliers to say it was not greeted with enthusiasm i had expected. The ones that were up to the challenge saw an opportunity to charge an obscene amount of money.

      Because of this, it almost stopped the project as been too hard or impossible. But, thankfully, I had already reached out to my suppliers and found out that there were far better people out there. I mean, a good graphic designer does everything they can to bring a project to life.

      Admittedly, there is a lesson here for us all that change is so very uncertain most of the time. As humans, we tend to stick to what we know. However, venturing outside your comfort zone will bring you to places you could never have imagined.

      In short, with the size and weights of the signs in place and how the awning sign will look during the day or night are things you have to consider. Hense a clear set of instructions needed to be drawn up to start the awning sign production.

      What happened next was that chemistry thing that great designs do. As I'm sending photos to the client, he starts to get very excited. So did I change perceptions using my design method. You bet I did add that Wowwee to the design.

      To say everyone is excited is an understatement as the awning sign is in total production stages.

      For one thing, it almost feels like it has comes to life. Everyone is ecstatic! As a graphic designer, there is no better feeling than delivering what you said you could, especially since from the beginning, when most of the sign manufacturers told me it was impossible.

      Graphic Designer Signs

      To be honest, and this is a lesson for everyone out there, impossible often means out of what someone else thinks they can do. However, in a designers mind, we have to try this is what moves things on for humans.

      Ironically even the sign manufacture Karon, who I believe is a master sign-maker, starts to tell me this is his best work ever; it may prove that a bit of tenacity is so worth it as a graphic designer. I'm not even sure that job role fits me anymore.

      I'm way more into my creative typography logos and website design and merging the data collection using Google Analytics to return customers for businesses transitioning into a digital world. The world of google search is just so fascinating! Don't forget to check out City Manoosh's Graphic Branding and how it is all coming together.

      Digital Marketing Coronation Logo Design Wowwee - Sydney Design Agency

      Brand Focus First Principles

      Digital Marketing. Every Business Owner needs to know the First Principles.

      I'm Darragh, and I work in digital marketing design as a brand consultant. I help business Reposition brands effectively. More importantly, I design and build brands and websites and link them to the bigger world so any business can be found and make money. What shocks me is that even the marketing people in your business and within the industry may have no idea. And it is kind of worrying. Right!

      Who is selling here?

      Nevertheless, the fundamentals of all Digital Marketing are to sell you something. And you may not even be aware that you are the person they are selling too. As a business owner myself, you need to quantify the return on investment; this simple fact tells us something fundamental do more or do less.

      Let me explain.

      Would you buy an advert in a magazine for $2000 if it returned only a few customers? Most business owners would say no way! There is risk in all business, and you need to try new things; however, trying any advertising without adding a metric to measure the result is bonkers, in my opinion. Not being able to value that advert or the money spent on the following year's publication. Sadly this happens way too much, and lots of businesses are throwing good money in the air and hoping it will come back. Thankfully this does not have to be the way.

      What is working?

      I'm here to cut through the BS.' hopefully, even the marketers and Digital people read and learn something here. I call it blinded by numbers and terminology. I'm writing this post as I believe education is the only way forward. As the business owner, you need to understand your business and not be blinded by these numbers and terms, and I'm here to help you know where your effort should be.

      First of all, connect your website to Google Analytics.

      Now I know in your head you are saying yea, I'm doing that, but I'm telling you that you don't understand the information Google is providing you. Google Analytics is the most powerful tool out there. You need to understand how important the information is that they provide you. Most people take one look at the dashboard page and nod there head in agreeance with the Digital Marketing, but what if I told you it was your ignorance that stopped you from understanding the information that's right in front of you.

      Get a clear view of what is going on.

      I've noticed that business owners and marketing people don't understand digital marketing basics. So I'll use a real-life example here to help you know just one of the hundreds of things your business can do. So if you have access to your Google Analytics, open it up now and then make that phone call to ask the question. Once logged in, you'll see a tab on the left-hand side called Acquisition Overview. On the top right, you can select a date range. You'll see a pie chart divided into the various channels where the data came from. Depending on what media channels you are doing, this pie chart can identify where your money and effort should be allocated.

      Let's take a closer look

      At a first glance, I'll try and help you decide the areas you need to work. Depending on your business's life cycle and the places you've focused money on, your results may look different.

      Organic Traffic 69.3%
      Direct Traffic 23.2%
      Referral Traffic 2.7%
      Social Traffic 2.4%
      Paid Traffic 2.2%

      Make sure your focus is right

      In this case, the business was placing considerable effort on referral websites and social media. They were shocked when I showed them the efforts had a minimal impact over 12 months. Ironically they were running around like a headless chicken and focusing on creating new products and offers rather than focusing on what was working. After looking at the data, it reveals some vital information. The first thing is that the referral websites, social media and paid search are the areas that need improvement. The methods and the money been spent is not returning the capital invested.

      Are you sending customers away?

      So why is this? The first thing to understand is that your referral websites and Social media websites are there to keep you on their websites where they create income. There is a war for your digital attention. Think about your visit to a social media site and how time passes. However, reversing this process to drive the traffic back to your websites can have a substantial amount of benefit, adding to your bottom line considerably. In today's digital world, it is about making those opportunities work for you.

      Ask me how

      To conclude we would like to help and shape that customer experience for you. We would also want you to help us input your ideas so we both can take ownership and grow your business into something special you always wanted. Start to explore your strategy and develop your ideas with measured results

        Organic Traffic

        Direct Traffic

        Referal Traffic

        Social Traffic

        Paid Traffic

        Digital Marketing Say Hello innovative ideas Wowwee Design Sydney Design Agency

        Sydney Design Agency

        design willchange everything

        First of all put some wow in your brand. Hello and welcome, I'm Darragh from Wowwee Design, Sydney Design Agency a contemporary Graphic Design Agency in Sydney. Secondly I help a business solve problems using my design.

        From the perspective of a Sydney Design Agency the biggest obstacle a business faces is to adapt to an ever-changing internet world. I will help you thrive here, shifting customers perception so you can flourish.

        Undoubtedly my Sydney Design Agency is focused on engagement, I'll help you drive growth through transformation. Subsequently, change is like starting. Nobody wants to start or change. As consequence of chance once you do commit everyone will loves the results. Moreover, as your Design Agency I'll help you take the guesswork out of marketing. I use analytics and provide you with visible and measured results.

        Accordingly, I'm genuinely a straight talker and encourage you to learn and understand the process. As a result, I love the hard and can't work projects. Let's explore what is possible. My concepts and ideas will bring momentum and inspire your business and customer too.

        Strategic thinking, planning and a new approach will allow you to get on with growing your business. Instantly you'll start to feel like you have control of your business back. Manoeuvrable, Adaptive, Resourceful and Respectful these are the attributes great companies and products build on. These qualities I will align with your brand. I want to see you thrive when it comes to innovative ideas. I' also understand that a smarter design should support measurable results. Reach out and make change happen today.

        Additionally, i'm armed with an array of skills and access to know-how. It should be noted that this Sydney Design Agency  will get business moving in the right direction. Similarly you'll see there is more I can do when it comes to digital. Admittedly, I'm incredibly hard-working and I help some of the largest business in Australia. In short my creativity is a gift, and my design agency Wowwee is what I share with you.

        Graphic Design Sydney Coronation Logo Design Wowwee Design Sydney Design Agency

        Looking for A Great Graphic Designer Sydney

        Looking for a Graphic Designer Sydney.

        "I'm your man" Firstly, there is no time like the present to update your design and brand with a new graphic designer in sydney. Update your style and get everything looking fresh & new. Wowwee Design a Sydney Design Agency can help you reshape the look of your brand and business and breath new life into it. Importantly, we don't just design amazing logos, but as your Graphic Designer I can also help you shape and renew your existing logo or website and bring it in line with modern styles.

        Shape your Graphics and Brand

        With this in mind, so why choose Wowwee Design as your graphic designer to help you shape your brand ? We are across technology, and we offer you a measured result. Additionally, we use platforms like Google Analytics to measure the engagement of the design we create. Similarly, when it comes to website design, we will guide you with our UI and UX layout experience Especially so buttons and links are where they should be for that optional user experience.

        Get the details right

        On the other hand, when it comes to Photography, I'll help you style a gallery of images that talk directly to your audience. The right age groups and demographics are critical for your first impressions. Really we I'm much more than a graphic designer. Nevertheless, you can never underestimate the power of the right image. Without a doubt, it is one thing to design amazing graphics and styles. Likewise, you'll need all to put all this design and marketing to work so they can pay for themselves.

        Activate the experience

        Secondly, Wowwee Design can also help activate designs across digital platforms. Moreover, we can help you monetise and see the value the creative campaigns. Above all, Wowwee Design can help you across all the areas of design and innovate a powerful strategy that will connect your customers to a meaningful experience. But more importantly, business today is about the experience. For instance, if you deliver that experience, be that drawing a love heart on their coffee cup or small mint chocolate with their bill your customer, will notice and come back for more. As small as the token is as humans, we appreciate being made special.

        Ask me how

        To conclude we would like to help and shape that customer experience for you. We would also want you to help us input your ideas so we both can take ownership and grow your business into something special you always wanted. Start to explore your strategy and develop your ideas with measured results

          Marketing Intelligent website design Website Design Sydney Blue Fish Sydney Website Design Wowwee Design Sydney Design Agency

          What Makes A Great Website Design

          Website Design Sydney

          Undoubtedly a website is an essential aspect of any business. It surprises me that so few companies put hardly any effort in to keep their website design updated and more importantly, the mechanics behind it. Furthermore, the collection of data is so readily available in today's world. Despite this business spend to much time on the design aspect and not enough focus on the mechanics. Firstly a good website should be able to be found using keywords of your products or services. Similarly, over the years, I've seen customers who paid lots of money for a website that was not even indexed.

          Keeping your website design updated.

          Without a doubt, all business put a lot of effort into the website design aspect, which is kind of like a one-hit-wonder. Wowwee design offers clients maintenance to clients that wish to stay on top of things. For instance, the software and website will need security updating. In the case that you want to include a monthly update, we can cater for that aspect too. My advice is to stay on top of things have that point of contact that you can call and get things updated. Its a lot cheaper than paying a full-time marketing or website designer.

          What is involved in a professional website design

          As a rule, any website should be functional to deliver the content the customer is potentially looking to find. It should be rich full of keywords and images that describe the products and services you sell. Besides, the fantastic graphics and layouts which will make the content easier to read. Equally, a navigation system that clearly, breaks up the specific content. We all use websites every day people expect things to be in the places they should be. As a book, the index is on the front the glossary is in the back part. Website design is similar, and you should make it easy for people to find the information they are looking for.

          Fill your website with traffic.

          One big mistake people make is that they expect that once they have finished there website design that customers will flock to it. While if you have a vast customer database that you are communicating too, this would be true. However, in most cases, you'll need to be advertising and using social media to get the word out there. Using Google Analytics and Adwords can be of enormous benefit here to identify patterns and behaviours of your customers. All of this and you communicating with your customers takes time, and often most businesses don't even do this.

          Ask me how

          Start to explore a new website design and develop your ideas with measured results

            Logo Design Wowwee Design Sydney Design Agency

            Make A Great Logo Design

            Amazing Logos Work Very Hard

            Indeed when it comes to Logo Design, we'll put some wow into the spark that creates everything. Our logo process uses the design process where we explore with pen and paper the ideas that may be possible. Also rather than bring three concepts that often create indecision within a business, we'll start to sketches our ideas and what might be possible, but more to the point how it can work across the application. Importantly we'll start developing our ideas together to build a logo design that is something unique and new.

            Your logo will be the hardest working employee you'll ever have.

            Once we have conceived the idea, we'll be able to test it to see how it works across different applications. Furthermore, your logo design will have to work across many social media and business network platforms such as Linkedin or Facebook. To say one size fits all is make-believe. It needs to be adaptable and capable of resizing to suit the purpose intended. Your logo like your employees is tirelessly out there earning money for your business. The only thing is that your employees go home at the end of the day. Your logo once conceived will work for you day and night, and as a business owner you'll be pleased to know that has to pay wages, your logo won't be getting overtime for all the work it does.

            So why do some logos cost more than others

            Depending on how serious you take the business, you'll soon learn that different print process like screen printing or website uses different colour systems, resolutions. Controlling colour between these is an art form in its self. We often build a set of guidelines that assists users with the process of the applications and styling. There is also Trademarks and other factors to consider. So how much does a logo design cost? Well, it depends on the number of applications for Logo Design. For example, alternatively, if you pay $50, you won't be getting much. Subsequently, a well-developed idea takes a lot more time. If we build a Logo Design Guideline, we start to consider the use of the logo across anything. On the whole, think of an airline, and you see that their logo goes everywhere, even on the seats.

            Ask me how

            Start to explore your logo design and develop your ideas with measured results

              Packaging Design Sydney Wowwee Design Sydney Design Agency

              Great Packaging Labels

              Nothing Beats a Great label design

              Wowwee Design, we are experts in building brands through design. Not only do we create your brand, but we also make a measured result using analytics. Great packaging labels establishes an emotional connection with customers, that will help you stand apart.

              Memories are built with Touch and Smells

              Accordingly, just think of those lovely gifts you've received over the years and the anticipation of opening that surprise concealed within its packaging. The Aroma and a tactile touch of the material let us understand what the product is but more importantly builds association and brand loyalty. While beautiful typography and design are critical. The material and the tone of voice used in the language communicates what the product does. The qualities the product represents to deliver a clear and consistent message.

              Know your customers and market

              Equally Professional Packaging label design that works is an art. As a label designer, you'll need to make a smart decision and understand the depth of the market and your new customers what it is that makes them choose one product over another. The shape of the containers the bottle are essential when making an amazing label design. Last but not least Wowwee Design, we'll provide you with the insights to connect you to your customers. We also have extensive experience in working with high volume gravure printing to offset small run digital printing.

              Explore new materials

              We are also able to help you, source suppliers from across the globe. Some of which make the most innovated products such as cornstarch plastics that are 100% biodegradable. Or sheep's wool containers that out preform polystyrene insulation by 3 to 1. Our experience extends past the design and packaging. We are also able to source product ingredients as well as importing them to Australia. This can make your business much more profitable. Plus the better price point more appealing to consumers. And who is not in business to make money.

              Ask me how

              Start to explore your packaging design and develop your ideas with measured results

                Packaging Design Canna Air Care Medical Cannabis Grow Room Product Brochure

                Sydney Packaging Design

                Get a brand that looks professional

                Wowwee Design A Sydney Design Agency based in Sutherland helped create a new brand for Canna holdings. Canna Air Care is at the forefront of medical cannabis they are leading the way in crop propagation and building new techniques to assist growers with higher yields. I’ve learnt so much about this in the past months and really hope that this is the cure for so many sick people. Its amazing the research that is been put into this and well worth a youtube night to discover why medical experts all over the world are so excited.

                We helped them by streamlining their packaging design by working out the most cost effective way to package their unique product so it can be transported internationally. Calculating the size and the method filled boxes with products and filled shipping containers which had a huge cost saving that they were not shipping air.

                Ask us today for a free review on how we can help you design and manage your packaging to grow your business.