Is your Brand Invisible?

We are all susceptible to this…just think of that moment you call your partner…’where are my yellow socks?’. You’re standing and looking in the sock drawers, and you can’t see them!! Automatically that brain of yours goes into gear doing what it does best, rationalising explanations to make yourself feel better… ‘are the yellow socks in the wash, or on the line, or has one of your kids stolen them and is looking the bee’s knees today at Uni in your yellow socks? Eventually your wife comes to your calls and looks where your looking and picks them up….”there they are dumbo”! What just happened there is what happens to brands, where you’re so sure that everyone can see you but you’ve become invisible!!


Over many years of designing brands I’ve seen this happen all too much and really not at the fault of the service I offer or the clients Your just reacting you market changes. Now I’m not one for the blame game, it gets no one anywhere, when you’re working with your design agency its team work and so you both have the responsibility to help each other’s business to help each other grow. And when you logically think of it, a decline in their bottom line would mean a decline in your bottom line. When in actual fact what you should be doing is sitting down with each other and revitalising your design chemistry.


Under our logo we’ve written a new catch line – Wowwee Design “change everything”.  We’ve changed what we do as at the moment our market places are changing so quickly that making that all important strategy no longer works for years and years and you need to be more adaptable in today’s market for you and what your customers wants!.

So what actually happened from that exciting pitch when you were struggling and your agency came in and made all your dreams come true, and not only that but you could actually justify the costs as you can see results. Well this is what they call in economics the law of diminishing returns. Wow I amaze myself that the days sitting there in University where I thought I was asleep and wondering to myself what was the point of learning this stuff. The economic law how I was taught was… you have one Mars Bar (assuming you like them!) that you really enjoy, but when the second one is eaten it was not as good as the first, and so on for the third and fourth, hence the diminishing of your satisfaction. The only exception to this is addiction, where you need more and more.


So applying this law to your business and customers well you can see where your business will end up. Within Australia all businesses fight this huge diminishing churn of their customers, rather than fixing the actual problem. From the side of your Design Agency they start to feel deflated and uninspired… all that good stuff you use to tell them and now all you do is pick faults. From your side your throttling them asking them what they are doing, and there starting to think did we do something wrong? You use to love us!!! Maybe we should take them for lunch! When its written you can clearly see what needs to be done.


We are all people not robots or fortune tellers. But you need to stop what you’re doing and sit down and work together. Otherwise nobody wins. The truth is that your design and marketing that your customers like today take a huge amount of effort and with so many different ways you can go these days, and yes like the client and design agency your customers suffer from this diminishing satisfaction within humans of more, more and more.


So our new strategy is to ditch the long term plans and focus on short term, and “change everything” but here is why it makes sense! In the long term you might have owned a TV Station and you use to get media companies coming to buy blocks of media from you, but the market changed a few years ago and we have got these great super smart iPhones and people changed when they got them, we all started to do more and more on them even watch TV on a smaller screen!! Hey but we all love big screens! Well we did, and then we found out that we liked the more personal service that iPhones give us with great apps such as Netflix and iTunes. People change, and your business and mindset has to too.


At my business we no longer have people at desks, but rather at home working and collaborating in a very different way. I get to be creative in the best way in my own space, and with technology you can now video call me for a meeting but either way we have all changed and there is no business that will escape the technology boom, you must change everything now before you can’t see those yellow socks even though they are right in-front of you.

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