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I design awesome brands and websites "the best part is that I actually know how to code them to make it work".

I can help you develop your idea or give you one of mine! Branding, Packaging, or online "you'll love what I create for you".






Darragh McNulty
Creative Director


Irish & Australia
Dual Citizenship


Adobe Illustrator CC
Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Lightroom CC
Adobe Indesign CC
Adobe Dimensions CC
Adobe Acrobat

Web & App Development
Adobe Dreamweaver CC
Adobe XD CC
Apple Xcode

Adobe Premiere CC
Adobe After Effects


Positive Attitude
Sense of Humour
Ability to Inspire


I’m someone who is passionate about design, it really is the momentum in my life and can rarely get enough! I simply love it and a good challenge and seeing how much can be achieved.
I’m maybe what you call a design addict! Once I start I can’t stop till its done.
Everything I do starts on paper, this will never change the computer is a tool and unless you have a plan you’ll never get to the endpoint.
So in that respect, I'm a great planner and over the years gained the foresight to see what’s happening in the world, so I’m very adaptable when it comes to market conditions.
I’ve been told over the years that I just see things differently, and I would say that is somewhat true, I think everyone's ideas are great, it is just getting to see how they have envisioned them and to bring the best of them together. 
To me, the best designs come from mistakes. This is the time your mind is open and free. And our world has benefited hugely from this with the creation of Penicillin, X-rays and post-it notes.
You have to try everything, to change something. I’ve had a strong motto all my life, "If you are going to sell something whatever it is, you should be using it or doing it for yourself to prove the concept works".
Currently, I’m using my own skills to build an app for an idea that I believe in. It is in the early stages of Designing, Domains, Trademarks and Patents.
Whilst most people’s biggest achievement are their business, my house is mine! It has been a major design project, and I’m happy to say that it is all my own work.
I believed that it was possible for a designer to bring his skills wherever he needs them. Of course, I used an engineer -  that's the rules and I complied! In my own thoughts, if I can complete a marketing and brand successfully for a business and help them to make money, I can design and build a house.
I’m looking for new ventures, new horizons, something or someone to inspire me. Maybe its just part of being a designer, I want more! I'm pushing myself out there to see who I'll meet and where it might take me. 
Over the years I’ve really developed my skills to the market needs. I’m self-taught WordPress developer and currently leaning swift code which is used in Apples Xcode App Building software. 
This came from my early life when I would design websites and other things that were always limited by the next person. Really I could never get that high-end quality I spent hours manipulating when the job was passed on to other programmers.
I developed and learnt the techniques that enabled me to produce that high-end product from start to finish. I’m very grateful for this skill set as it enables me not just to design but deliver the final product. I'm able to produce my own photography, design a font so it can be installed on a pc, produce my own video and audio. I love typography, and design websites UI and UX interfaces and build everything myself from the first piece of paper to the hosting and website performance.
In my spare time I’m still a designer architect, and enjoy building my designs, and working out how I can do the impossible tasks with only one set of hands.


Sept 1987 – June 93

PresentationCollege Bray.

In 1993 I achieved Four Honors in my Leaving Certificate;  Art  B1, Geography C2, Biology  B2, Maths C1. From these results, I gained myself a place in Third Level education.


Dublin Institute of Technology
SEPT 1993-96


A three-year diploma in graphic design covering a wide variety of subjects such as Photography, Industrial Design, Model Making, Technical Drawing, Typography, Illustration and Design Communications Business and Studio Management. The course had a particular emphasis on the delivering a finished product and how it should be presented to the end client.


Dublin Institute of Technology
SEPT 1996-97


This was a one year follow up advanced diploma covering all aspects of the Printing and Graphic design process, the course was developed to close the gap between the two industries. The course covered Visual Communications, Typography, Advanced DTP, Pre-press production, Printing, Print finishing & Business studies.


Spectra Graphic
Nov 1997 –  Aug 2000


In 1997 I joined the Spectra group as a designer from university.  This is where I learnt that those days in university getting months to complete a project were far from the truth. Spectra Graphic was the Irish subsidiary for Kodak in Ireland  at that time they had complete monopoly over the whole market in Ireland. It was a very busy company and I learnt from the best, from the ground up. Some of my print runs were up to 20 million, In January of 1999 I had risen to the position of Creative Director, which I embraced the challenge. This included responsibilities for the hiring and training of staff, and having so many friends from university made my HR a lot easier. I also looked after the IT development within the studio and the day to day management of the studio delivering monthly POS and marketing promotions to nearly 3000 stores nationwide. Working from an office over the main distribution centre I also innovated the idea of using the delivery and collection drivers to deliver marketing material which saved the company a lot of money and increased their bottom line by 7%.


Pixel Design
Nov 1997 – Aug 00


In 1999 I had decided to move to Australia. I started my own business and worked in partnership with a printing contractor who sub-contracted work on behalf of their clients who needed finished Artwork. Following a design brief I would provide finished artwork on short deadlines doing the work at a lower cost.


M8 Telecom
Dec 2000 – Aug 02


M8 Telecom is a partner of the Optus Group and was Australias first VMSP within a dealer network. It was an experience and half to design and develop a telecommunications company from the ground up, I learnt so much there. The task was to develop everything a mobile network would have, I worked closely with Optus marketing and legal who oversaw the operation been a major stakeholder. I designed the brand and created monthly campaigns to increase the numbers connecting to the network. I also designed SIM Cards Start packs and worked closely with major phone suppliers such as Nokia, Motorola & Sony Ericsson to maximise visibility of their products. I also designed and maintained websites and intranets to manage workflows behind the scenes as well as negotiating with suppliers to create co-op for the marketing material that has been produced. This was just the start of my journey as I was sponsored to work full time in Australia.


Scruff Workwear UK


In 2002 I had the opportunity to build a brand for a startup Scruffs Workwear in the UK. I moved here from Australia. Myself and a small team immersed ourselves in construction wear safety clothing. Our goal was to produce the first line of shoes and clothing 500 pairs of boots and 500 Jackets with a sense of fashion for workmen, rather than the traditional lines that had not changed in years. Within a few months, the business had grown explanatory and I frequently travelled to Asia and the USA with the brand growth to visit factories and suppliers. When I decided to come back to Australia in 2004 we were producing 100,000 pairs of work boots and over 2 million in clothing lines. In 2011 the brand was acquired by the UK largest companies Travis Perkins for over 60 million UK pounds.


M8 Telecom


On my return to my position, I used the experience I had gained over the years to give M8 the extra push it needed in the marketplace. Bringing an array of online and website experience I helped guide them in the use of direct mail and email campaigns as well as using the Google Adwords network to maximise ROI. I also did a brand refresh updating all the previous marketing material and the website giving the business a younger more energetic feel.


Wowwee Design
2007- To date


In 2007 after coming back to Australia, I decided to set up my own business. I had touched off the idea in previous years but never really had the time to focus on it due to working in different counties.  Settled and with my list of contacts I managed to build a business helping people get online and assisting them as there very own in-house designer. I’ve loved helping people build their business and managing their brands. The one major difference with my business model has been that I work within the businesses budgets which enable them to keep costs on track. Having run my own business I’ve always been clear that every business is there to turn a profit. I believe my designs and business acumen has enabled many of the business to survive. Design is one of those things that helps people make the right choices when choosing a product or service. The creative process is also much more than pretty pictures in today’s world it crosses language, photography as well as many more factors. Over the years I’ve worked for the government, to the small start-ups. Wowwee has enabled me to grow my skills and learn new things for myself as well as from other business owners.

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