There is so much more to design.

I'm Darragh a Designer from Sydney, and my business is Wowwee Design, I believe that if you are going to prove a concept you should do it yourself first to show it really works. I’ve always believed in the importance of the first impression be that website, packaging, or using your graphic design to make an impression. This has fascinated me throughout my life. It's so worth it to make an impression, when meeting someone new for the first time and if a business card can help, well why not make the most of it.

With any meeting, you are there to gain there trust and show them you are the best person to do the job. The whole process starts with a first impression a friendly smile, which you hope brings you most of the way. On the odd occasions that I’ve met a frosty reception, I always hold in place my thought "I’m here for your business" and it's a great feeling when I gain anyone's trust.

Introducing yourself and handing over that business card, gives you confidence and if the first comment is I like your card you've actually gained a small piece of respect the fact they have agreed you can design something. Really all you have to do is prove you are able to complete the contract within the guidelines.

Fascinating really how a first impression is so important, over the years I’ve had people who have held on to my card and even asked for a few more, which is always a positive and leaves me smiling. My clients know that I do my homework and research and develop a great product for myself.  I love it when I get to share the same quality I expect for Wowwee with their company.

My business cards have been the hardest working person in my office and it really works. The quality of the paper and the presentation show people that your the kind of person who knows how to get something done properly and right it’s a representation of you.

There is much more of a science to this, depending on how much work you’ve done with your brand over the years. But there is one thing I always believe and that is that you should never change your logo or colours so nobody recognises you anymore. Logos and brands should have subtle edits to improve the appearance that really nobody notices provided you've done it with a professional designer you won't have to do much.

You'll never regret making the effort with a first impression

Everyone loves a good business card.

I recently remodelled my own business card and I thought I would share the process. I want you to achieve that really fantastic business card that everyone wants to keep. So how do you go about making one I’ll tell you! You'll never regret making the effort with a first impression.

The Business card specifications are Stock: 600gsm Touches Paper front embossed and the debosse area across the pattern foil logos and lettering front and back & foiled edges with one special Pantone colour. Having decided the stock the first hurdle I faced was the stock was only produced up to 300gsm. As my mind was set on this stock as it had glued together to achieve the desired thickness 600gsm.

While designing the embossed and debossed pattern I wanted to create a depth and tactile surface. The trick here is your line strokes and depths because you're creating a pushdown and relief effect in different areas which are separate printing plates. Really your just using the shadows from the relief areas to create the patterned effect. I had the emboss and debossed letterpress plates made which I also used for the foiling. Each different process needs to be in different layers as each process is done in different steps.

I ran hundreds of tests on all my printed effects before applying it to the real job. Colour, foils embossing and debossing and paper are all combinations and can give you different results also keep in mind that all printers have different machinery. When selecting the paper you must determine if the paper surface is soft or hard enough to create your effect. Different papers have different makeups so it's always best to get samples and run your own experiments. I tested my foils also on the paper so I knew the effects I wanted to achieve.

The great thing about using traditional methods is that you really have the chance to try different colours and effects before committing to the final design. I have to say I never changed anything from the original plan if you are working with somebody who wants to explore the options it really is a great process. It's slower process than just your normal business cards $100 x1000 24-hour delivery as it's not your average business card. I was so excited to see it all come together.

The results were just how I had pictured them in my head. The last part was applying my specially mix Yellow PMS colour. You really need to have a lot of communication with your printer while doing a special letterpress card my print manager Melody is bloody fantastic I often call her my eyes, hands and ears, and she really understands and knows the importance of sticking to the design. So what’s the cost of producing something like this - well the simple and honest answer is it's not cheap! As you can see there is quite a bit of time and effort involved.

In my opinion, I could not put a cost on gaining a new client. I’d spend thousands if I had to and walk over hot coals! The client is my customer and that is invaluable to me and without them, I'd have no business. So look after them! Whatever way you look at this these cards make money and get you recommended. Wowwee Design produces all sorts of designs for all sorts of different people. Essentially it's up to you inspire your client and, hopefully, they will allow you to produce all your ideas. This is just one way of you making a big impression.  So what is the cost of gaining that client - priceless!