Why have a great restaurant menu designed?

Given that you run a restaurant, you'll understand the importance of your menu both on the table and for online booking. In fact, a great menu design will save your team so much time. First of all, it will end those endless repetitive questions. For example, a great photo or description lets people know what they will be getting. That is a win-win in my mind. Broadly speaking, it is also important to illustrate this with your online website presence.

Great restaurant menus work really hard.

Secondly, a great restaurant menu is like your logo website or branding. It works very hard and never really gets paid. Given this, it is really worth your while to put considerable effort into your menus and online presence. When you consider how much effort the major tier-one players put in to their restaurant chains.

First, however, as the manager or business owner, ask yourself if we are doing this ourselves. We are cooking, cleaning and importantly serving customers too. Surprisingly,  lots of restaurants seem to working way to hard and not putting enough effort on the menu design. But you have to ask yourself if this puts the best version of my business out there?

So what makes a great menu?

Clearly, readability is always top of the list. Font sizes are critical both on a website and on the table menus. Small fonts and typographical fonts that are hard to read is a no go. Readability should always be top of your list. With readability comes excellent visuals of the meals you want to sell. But, of course, we all have access to smartphones that can take amazing pictures. A great photo on your menu helps show people what they are getting.

Colour plays a massive part in menu design. You don't want to have white fonts against light backgrounds. It is just too hard to read. So picking bright and contrasting colours like black type of light backgrounds. If you need to make something stands out, do it so we can read and notice it. Be clear with your descriptions, and don't oversell them. For example, we all know that hand-watered lettuce is more text and using up valuable space, but your customers can see through this. Tell them what they are getting, and if you have room, show them a photo of the product.

Let's Talk Marketing!

For one thing, you can use your menu to start selling other products. For example, most restaurants sell drinks, but have you considered helping the customer make a choice. After all, not all of us are accustomed to knowing local beers or wines.

On the other hand, you might have a remarkable sauce you make in your restaurant. It is a great idea to show this to customers. Then, take the sauce home with you now for only $5.99. It's all about putting the best you and best products out there!

I don't have the money? I'm too small!

Restaurant menus and designing brands takes tremendous amount of time and effort. However, you may be able to reach out to your bigger suppliers and run promotions based on  a co-op to help them sell more products.

Show the best You! it's so worth it!

Clearly, a great food photo speaks a thousand words. However, I've told many restaurant chefs and owners that people eat with their eyes. So if you are selling Fish and Chips, showcase this to your customers online.

Printing the menu!

Make an effort to print your Menu Design nicely. Don't let the customer down when they pick up that menu. Experiences are made from not just the visual aspect but also the touch. All lovely papers feel like silk. That is part of the experience. So make that first touch something to remember. You'll also have to ask your graphic designer to add things like paper varnishes and laminating cover. Remember, restaurant menus might be pick up thousands of times, so they have to be able to withstand the wear and tear and be very durable.

If your restaurant is in a precinct, link to their networks.

In particular, Sydney has excellent restaurants and going out precincts. So linking your website menus and offers can help people discover your business. Importantly, these entertainment areas are advertised, and with your restaurant being there, you can take advantage of this.

Get the Digital Ads and your Social Media all aligned.

One of the biggest problems here in Australia is that small businesses don't advertise. Ironically I hear it way too often. I spent $50 in the month, and had no ROI, so I stopped doing it! Restaurant Advertising is something you need to do all the time if you're in business. Set up your Google Ads and Analytics account and start advertising. If you need help ask Wowwee Design today.

Don't forget great signs work really hard.

Show the best of you on your restaurant menus and websites. However, don't forget to get to  design a nice big poster or signs letting people know that this is the place to come and eat when they are there. Do the simple stuff, turn the lights on. Put the A-frame sign out the front saying we are open or your current offers.

Don't stop at a great restaurant menu design.

An essential part of any restaurant is to enhance the experience. As soon as your customer walks in, greet them take them to the table bring them a welcome drink. They are your customer. Treat them well, and they will always come back. Importantly don't be afraid to reward them. Ask me how to add a little Wow to your business find a solution that can help your business grow.