Breaking apart the bold shapes, the circle and the square, start to create the form. You can see why designers and architects explore these shapes so much. Using these shapes create the basis of the Logo and Type while creating a memorable bold, strong shape. The simplicity and strong shape and colour make the logo very identifiable and start to come alive. When applied to the whole word the contrasting shapes create a logotype that is very strong. When added together they create a bold logo and logotype. The colours used are a bright yellow with a cool grey. The strong shapes allow the logo to stand out even in one colour.

Even when its reversed it still stands out. A good logo should be adaptable and able to work on any background or shape. Developing a font kit and adding the coronation cut letters will make it easy to apply a brand to any surface or object. This typography not only works as a brand but more than anything it stands out. Design Changes Everything. Exploring the yellow shapes within the logotype you’ll see that our new logo is very clever. The shapes can be arranged to create any attributes of what we do. The simple shapes can make anything, adding shapes and space you can really have some fun making objects that relate to the business.

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