Make it stand out.

Without a doubt, Typography plays a huge part in all branding. It is so worth your while to explore how you can communicate this with your customers. Equally important are the colours you pick. They can help you stand out in any street if you run a cafe or restaurant.

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Great logo's work really hard

City Manoosh is a middle eastern cafe restaurant, and they bake the most delicious things ever that are so full of flavours. Their logo contains all the best ingredients they add, and we all love. For one thing, this is where creativity and typography can create lots of inspiration. In this case, I used the typography in the logo and used 3D to map the food textures to the words.

Communicates to your customers

However, this does one thing best it communicates to your customers the product and how it tastes. In the same way, it also creates excellent typographic visuals that can help you advertise your products. Great typography, in my opinion, is always crucial to bring any brand together. But, equally important, the brand colours should always stand out.

Packaging is important

Above all, the packaging is a massive part of all brands. Consider how your larger restaurant chains use this to communicate their brand's value and what they stand for. Importantly, it is worth your while to invest in your logo and brand in the early stages. Taking the time to develop that logo, website, or packaging will make building your brand so much easier.

Everything starts with a logo design

Moreover, when starting any new business, designing your brand will make designing the shop interiors easy, especially when choosing materials, paints, and signage. At Wowwee Design, we always assist our clients with visuals on how the logos might work on shop fronts and packaging. It makes it much easier to make the right choices. Owing to this, I always recommend that you design first and commit to your designs once decided.

Even when its reversed it still stands out. A good logo should be adaptable and able to work on any background or shape. Developing a font kit and adding the coronation cut letters will make it easy to apply a brand to any surface or object. This typography not only works as a brand but more than anything it stands out. Design Changes Everything. Exploring the yellow shapes within the logotype you’ll see that our new logo is very clever. The shapes can be arranged to create any attributes of what we do. The simple shapes can make anything, adding shapes and space you can really have some fun making objects that relate to the business.