restaurant menu design Blue Fish Darling Harbour Summer Menu Design Cover
Blue Fish Darling Harbour Summer Menu Design
Blue Fish Darling Harbour Summer Menu Design
Blue Fish Darling Harbour Summer Menu Design
Blue Fish Darling Harbour Summer Menu Design
Blue Fish Darling Harbour Summer Menu Design
Blue Fish Darling Harbour Summer Menu Design

Restaurant Menu Design Sydney and Website Marketing

Undoubtedly, the restaurant trade is one of the hardest with so much choice. If there is one thing you'll need to do is ensure you have an excellent marketing plan in place.

To demonstrate, Sydney Design Agency Wowwee Design has assisted Blue Fish Sydney for almost 20 years. We have helped each other through the hard times but also rode the waves in high times.

Clearly, in 2020 we have been faced with a pandemic, and for most restaurants, they are maybe not planning their return to business as usual. Importantly I'm telling you now start your marketing because people still need to eat, and business will return to usual.

First of all, your restaurant menu design and photos are going to be the hardest working person in the restaurant and online. So start putting some work into it.

As a result, it is not enough anymore to do a fantastic eat-in menu you'll also have to have it available from your website. Nevertheless, you'll need to showcase the best dishes you know your customers love.

Without a doubt, pricing is critical in uncertain times, and people are aware of their bottom lines. Use social media whenever you can to get the word out to new customers. In the same way, be honest and show people what it is that they are buying.

Over the years I've have seen restauranteurs and chefs put a tremendous amount of work on the day of the photos. Only to discover that they would be far to busy to ever plate food like this. As a result, this creates a diminished customer experience which I do not advice.

Secondly use the plates and cutlery glasses you have and use in your restaurant. If the dish comes with a bowl of chips, show it to people, alternatively if the dish doesn't leave it our or write that the chips are extra.

However, with a menu design spend some time real design time perfecting the layouts, so it is easy to read, and the photography is an authentic reflection of what you serve.

Finally, there is no room for small fonts and hard to read graphic backgrounds. I've seen this a million times where people have not considered the time most of us go out to eat. Let me explain most restaurants at night have that beautiful mode lighting we all love.

Your menu should be easy to read in all lighting conditions, and it is okay to go to the next paper size or layout if it makes it easier to read. Ask Sydney Design Agency Wowwee Design to review your restaurants marketing today.

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