First and foremost, Nothing beats Success Right, especially in the restaurant trade. When things are right, people just come but have you ever asked yourself why! While a great location is always crucial, many other factors define the success of a restaurant. A few years ago, I assisted Blue Fish Sydney to transform their business with the aid of digital marketing and an intelligent website that became the hardest working robot in their business.

Let me explain. Blue Fish Sydney is an award-winning seafood restaurant in the beautiful location of Darling Harbour. Over the years in business, we've faced some huge hurdles. The most prominent being the silicon valley disruptive services models like third party booking systems. These models extracted vital dollars squeezing their bottom line. While they were happy to be busy, their operating costs increased, leaving less money to operate the business.

So how did we fix this? The first point was to collect as much data as possible and analyse what was going on. After showing the client what their industry landscape looked like, I could implement a strategy for them. At the heart of the strategy was an intelligent website design. We would perform the tasks the third party suppliers offered ourselves. Then harness the power of Google Ads and Google Analytics, we made choices based on data collected and not what we liked or thought.

It all started to change quickly. The old restaurant booking diary soon became a dusty old library book. The new website has the capacity for them to accept bookings and communicate with customers via their smartphones.  Both Blue Fish and the customers automatically felt in control. Amazingly, redirecting the customer's bookings to the automated website left more time for the staff to provide a better experience to people visiting their restaurant. But most importantly, it helped them survive in harder times as they had a better bottom line. A digital strategy can transform your restaurant business and put you back in the driving seat. Ask me how today.