First and foremost, the Blue Fish uses intelligent Website Marketing and Design is Intelligent let me explain.

Blue Fish Sydney is an award-winning seafood restaurant in the beautiful location of Darling Harbour. Over the years in business, we've faced some huge hurdles. It is in these times of crisis that I built a solid bond with them that they are best friends than clients.

Furthermore, I create all the marketing for the Blue Fish Website. This has become the backbone of their business. In addition, their website is what I call an intelligent website design. Over the years they never leveraged the power of digital marketing. Bookings were written on paper. This had to chance. They were relying on returning customers and the experience. They needed adapt to a connected world.

As a result, third party booking systems and other similar products were eating away at their bottom line. Importantly the first step I took was to collect the data available. In short, this then helped us build a strategy to regain control of our customer base. Following the data, I could see that we had an opportunity to regain control. The solution to implemented an online booking system that would store and collect the customer's data so we could speak directly to them.

Our database grew exponentially over a few months. I then set up a customer journey which enabled returning customers to access the best offers. By the same token, we identified that people using the telephone to call and make bookings in hectic times when all staff were on the floor serving customers that the phone would ring none stop. With this in mind, we channelled all the calls and bookings to the website that was able to automate this task leaving the staff to server people and give them the experience of the beautiful restaurant and views of Darling Harbour.

Digital design can change a business. I have seen it first hand. Blue Fish is a perfect example of the design team working with the owners, to combat the change in market conditions. In addition to this, we have done so much more. Above all, I've loved working over the problems finding that solution for them.

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