No matter where you go, there is just a torrent of advertising thrown at us as consumers. So why is this? Firstly, it's become more accessible for us to create graphics and videos with our fantastic smartphones we have these days. However, creating product after product only creates more confusion.

With that said, there is so much content being created, it's never been harder to capture that customer via your website or online presence. Not only that, but this also confuses your business and your customers too. Businesses taking it upon themselves to take on the advertising or graphic agency role is never a good idea.

Yes' it might save you a few dollars, however it will cost you in the long-run. So what's the difference between you doing it or your graphic design agency? First, using a graphic design agency will force you to plan your product design or packaging and target a goal of successful outcomes. Secondly, the graphic design and typography will be of a higher quality. Most importantly, considering any consumer make their minds up in just a few seconds, having that nasty cut-out product or amateur photo will only send them away from your business.

I'm saying that businesses need to be more focused on their unique products and the quality of that presentations with product design. We must get our product focus back to what our business sells. When you're taking on the roles of graphic designer and marketing, you are only creating more choices as your focus is on quantity.

More choice is not always the best way forward. However, more choices will put people back in the decision part of the funnel, where they will be back to compare what they can get for their money. So essentially, you are sending your customer away.

Instead, why not put the focus back on the product design and reinforce it? For example, selling the best attributes or unique selling points, be that more durable or faster. However, here is the thing. We only have to turn on any digital device, and Someone is telling us to buy a product, and we'll be rich young and beautiful.

Now, if you like me, I don't believe a word of it, and I'm literally waiting for the skip button. But, unfortunately, it can't come fast enough. However, getting your brand story right and only showing those ads to people who align with your products is a game changer.

Unfortunately, lots of business owners are spending hours making this content. Moreover, it has no cut-through. So nobody believes them, and they certainly don't look convincing with their homemade videos and dubious graphics. So, not surprisingly, you may have missed a vital part of building your brand story.

So, why is everyone making these if they don't work? We are all brainwashed to think if we can manifest and tell ourselves enough times that it will come true. But, I mean, who are we fooling here? If they looked at the data and saw the impact of that advertising, they would see that it was a waste of time.

Most importantly, if you're selling a product or service, it has to convert to sales. So that's how you know it's working. But, unfortunately, this abundance of ads we are all creating creates more confusion.

What can you do? The first step I'd advise is to stop everything you're doing. And book a brand audit with us. Then, open the google analytics data and see what products or services you've done in the past are working. Then ask a professional graphic design agency to help you build and refocus the attention on that core product or service. I've said this a thousand times, but the data always tells you something you and I never knew.

Why focus on a product? Well, if you look at any big business, you'll see they all have a hero product. Take, for example, an Apple or Mc Donalds. They sell the best product when you go to their websites or stores.

Of course, they have other products, but often people don't have the maximum amount to spend for that key product. However, pleased to see you, and of course, they always have cheaper products at entry-level that they know you can afford. However, something much bigger happens here, in case you've missed it.

You just bought into that business's brand story and values. Regardless of who you are, you now get their best customer experiences making you feel special and part of the club even if you only bought something small.

They now have you as a customer; believe it or not, you are selling their product for them. So let me explain. When your friends and family ask you how good your experience was, you tell them the food was great or you love going to that store. That is the way it is designed.

Furthermore, they have you as a customer and won't let you go; they will upsell you on every model or product they bring out. If you are in business and have a retail store, make sure you have the customer experience that all big players use, be that a beautiful packaging label, bag design, or a customer website experience.