Looking to give your Branding Sydney the WOW factor?

Provided that you are in business, you'll have a brand your customers identify with. So why is this important? Well, it is essential as that the mark that customers identify with. While it may feel good to think, let's start from scratch! I don't always recommend this. However, if you are an experienced designer, you'll know how to transform a logo without anyone noticing. All logos and brands have what I call brand loyalty. Importantly this should not be overlooked. Furthermore, many businesses have lost their brand positioning, changing logos and brands.

So why and what should I look for in my Branding?

A great place to start is identifying how recognisable your logo and Branding is to your customers. At the same time, viewing a landscape map of the competing brands within your marketplace will undoubtedly help with the design branding process. At the same time, as a logo designer, I too often see replications. On the whole, any logo or Brand mark should stand apart. Let me explain. If the market leader is using yellow as their colour, you don't want to be confused with them. What we are all trying to do is to stand apart from each other.

Get the details right

Because of this, I often introduce people into what I call a tone of voice. As a rule, this is how we portray ourselves to the general public. A great example of this is a project I recently did for a strata business. Rather than using the ego of the current competitors, I switched the tone of voice to be much more friendly and approachable. Ask USSS Today! Make no mistake, redoing your Branding Sydney is an enormous task! Clearly, in my experience, everyone underestimates this. Depending on the size of your business, everything will need to be updated. Often, the management part of this within your business is critical to success.

Take your time to do the research!

To clarify, I don't often recommend rebranding. Instead, I always suggest a transition period where minor edits are made. However, many smaller businesses will be relying on the design agency to implement new changes. One thing to note is that a transitioning period also has a smaller environmental footprint. If you are in retail, you'll understand the massive cost of packaging. Similarly, it is better to use what you have and transition to the new designs on your next order. Wowwee is a process to help you navigate this very complex digital world. We are there to help you. Be that your website design, packaging designs, or digital marketing. Wowwee Design provides you with a solution to doing business better. Our Branding methods will empower your employee's and customer's choice too.

Ask me how

To conclude we would like to help and shape that customer experience for you. We would also want you to help us input your ideas so we both can take ownership and grow your business into something special you always wanted. Start to explore your strategy and develop your ideas with measured results