Make digital marketing worth it!

First of all, anyone who runs a business needs to understand this. Over the years, I've heard many people tell me that Facebook and Google Ads don't work. However, after talking with the client and gaining access to their accounts, I discovered they spent $100. Also, their website is barely working or set up to make sales. Don't forget to use the form at the end to get your websites health checked today.

Now are you ready. Let's burst this bubble once and for all. $100 is not an investment in advertising. Above all, it is not going to return anything. Given that, let me explain.

In the first place, you need to think long-term when considering advertising. In opposition there is nowhere where you can spend a $100 and get a return of a million. Digital ads work by collating inputed data from search queries. So if someone has typed in the search bar "Graphic Design", it will show a list of Ads where the advertisers can show what they have to offer. If you sign up today Goggle is giving you $600 when you spend $600. Now that will sweeten the deal right! You see even Google does this!

Importantly there will be lots of ads showing, what we call in digital marketing as an impression. Your Ads and website links are shown when someone enters that specific keyword or combination. Given this, it works simply using the following 3 methods.
  1. CPC (Cost per click)
  2. CPM (Cost-per-thousand impression)
  3. CPA (cost per action).

So essentially, the stronger the investment, the better the return. However, you must ensure your website is working and set up before making sure it's safe to purchase from. Ask someone you know to complete a transaction for you, so you know it works.

So how much is enough?

Setting a budget that is achievable for your business is imperative. For example, if you are only a small business with limited stock, you can work out how many ads and their cost. Getting a thousand sales is excellent. However, if you can fulfil the orders, that will lead to the customer getting upset. You'll spend all your time addressing complaints. So work out what you need to sell and adjust your costs to cover the digital marketing of your brand.

However, running ads and hoping for the best is not enough!

Given this, you'll need to address your website and the page the advert directs to. It is essential to spend some time organising the website architecture and managing categories. Making it easy for people to find what they are looking for. So what makes a website a good page? A good website page should show and tell the customer everything they might need to know. Be that sizing or your returns policy.

Get a marketing strategy in place.

You will have to sit down and write your objectives and goals and what you want to achieve. Once you have that on paper, a good design agency will help you implement a method to grow your business.

Above all, you can see that there is more to this. It would help if you had all the ducks in line before starting digital ads. Your unique selling points in line encourages a person to complete the sale. Sweeten the deal for the customer. It can be something as simple as 20% off your first purchase.

Now I know what you are thinking.

I just spent money on google ads, and now I'm giving them 20% off! Plus, spending money on a graphic and website designer. However, you have to understand this there is always a cost in gaining a new customer but look at it like this.

If that customer has a good experience and you deliver the goods, they will return for more and tell their friends. So you might end up with two or three customers from that customer. You can help this even more by asking them to post a review of the service. The objective is too collect lots of them monthly, and you'll see growth. Hence, it would help if you looked long-term but, more importantly, be consistent and keep advertising.

Sell, Sell and add more value!

When packaging your product, make sure to keep selling. For example, add discounts or business cards with QR codes to scan this code and save 10% from their next order. You could also send a brochure or flyer showing your new range for the next season. Equally, you need to reward your customers for buying with you.

Experience is everything in selling anything.

I've told this to thousands of people over my life. Every customer should have a good experience. Importantly people share good experiences. Although this is true, take some time to look at the current way you do things. Maybe adding extra value to that experience will help keep your customers coming back for more. Don't forget your communication of the product being shipped, tracking number and following up. Simple gestures or small gifts go a long way, even in real life.

Your website design is just the same, making it a feel-good experience from the layouts to be able to buy something, the follow-up emails to the packaging and delivery. Happiness is a website and business going places.

To Some-up. Here is your checklist.

  1. Sort your website shop products and categories.
  2. Make sure your products are set up correctly.
  3. Make a list of everything you have in stock.
  4. Decided on your USP (Unique Selling Points)
  5. Set a budget accordingly to your stock level.
  6. Plan your package and delivery experience.
  7. Decide on how to add value.
  8. Ask your customer to review and share.
  9. Be proactive with your communications.
  10. When it works, do more.

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