You're not going to stand there and let this happen, right!!!

Provided you are in business in Australia. You'll understand inflation's spiralling costs. So are you going to sit there and do nothing right! Above all, if there is one thing I've learnt in my 20 years of business, prepared and attack things immediately. Taking action is always the best course as it returns results.

With that said, we've created a product to assist any business over the next 12 months. Moreover, it includes many creative services you are most likely using. Additionally, we've combine all our graphic and digital marketing services into one affordable fixed-cost product. Yes, you heard right, anything you need, call us or send us an email. Job done!

Let's take a closer look at our new product and how it can help.

One of the biggest cost in any business is marketing and keeping things running. Importantly, your brand is the face of your business but also let's people know what you do. So it is kind of vital that you pay attention to this. Your business makes your income, so you need to keep that going.

There are many things to do, from showing up on Google searches to websites and branding. Additionally, we have not even created a tempting offer that customers might want. Given this, we are making it easy for you to get any digital marketing you need to improve your search results, whether it's social media or an SEO blog post.

So let me tell you more about it. 

The first step we take is we do a brand audit. Then, for example, we look at your brand and take it to the next level. That means fixing logos, rebuilding websites, and connecting everything to the outside world. Think of this as an old car. It just does not have the features like electric windows. An intelligent website is at the core of what we build. But let me explain.

Make your website earn its keep.

Currently, if you have a website, you'll use 3rd parties to take bookings and orders. As the owner, you know that this costs your business 30%. Imagine your website takes those bookings, and you manage your customers and bookings. You'll be 30% richer just from that one move. Handling this stuff yourself is the one thing they don't want you to know.

What we build is intelligence, be that a booking system, online store or database, you and your managers can manage new sales or leads.

The digital data will often tell you something you did not know about your customers.

Of course, all our websites collect the data so we know we can understand how to make any process for a customer easier. We'll share the insights into this at our monthly meeting.

We are organised when it comes to your brand and logos.

If there is one thing we do best, is organisation. All clients have their assets folder, containing logos, brand attributes and photography, all stored within the cloud. We love making sharing easy.

Styling makes you look better and is much quicker.

When we design new website pages and products, we automatically publish them across social media. We are autonomous. With that said, if you are in a shopping centre, we'll also provide that information to the centres displayed on their marketing and websites.

Brochures, Emails and Menus

A key to any business's success is its printed material. So we'll help you there by coming and taking photos of your best products and making them the heroes of your website and marketing material. Not only that, we will style it with your brand.

Updates and Maintenace

We also make sure things stay running. Server, Emails and website backups are performed and tested daily. We have the best security and firewalls on our servers to ensure we keep the bad guys out and that we can focus on growing your business.

Recap what's included

To conclude, we take over and manage your business's digital and marketing needs. Not only that, but we manage the digital data we collect and put a solution to manage this. We do everything creative and everything digital.

What we do:Logos & photography & brandingSocial Media PostsMarketing & CommunicationsWebsite DesignWebsite Hosting & EmailsBooking & Ordering SystemEcommerce and product updates.Connectivity Google & Search EnginesMenu or brochure designsManagement of servicesUpkeep & Maintenance

So how much is this going to cost me?

Here is the best part we'll fix the cost for you to a monthly amount. A fixed price based on us providing you creative services. You'll also have access to our service network of trade pricing thus saving you even more.

Opportunity is not lost. It is taken by someone else.

If you'd like to discuss further how we can work with you, please use the form below, and I'll be in touch with you to discuss your specific needs.

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