Get a brand that looks professional

Wowwee Design A Sydney Design Agency based in Sydney helpe create a new brand for Canna holdings. Canna Air Care is at the forefront of medical cannabis they are leading the way in crop propagation and building new techniques to assist growers with higher yields. I’ve learnt so much about this in the past months and really hope that this is the cure for so many sick people. Its amazing the research that is been put into this and well worth a youtube night to discover why medical experts all over the world are so excited. Your Packaging Banding is so important on your backaging and making sure you have your USP wil only help your product be selected when it comes to consumer choice.

We helped them by streamlining their packaging design by working out the most cost effective way to package their unique product so it can be transported internationally. Calculating the size and the method filled boxes with products and filled shipping containers which had a huge cost saving that they were not shipping air.

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