Concept Creation

When starting any project its always good to brain storm the idea. The possibilities of getting all the ideas out on the table is a really good way to see what might work and what won't. Sitting down with a load of papers and drawing a loads of quick sketches can be quite an empowering. Allowing your sales teams and designers to work out the best direction to head in. Selling products relies on teams collaborating, so you meet the needs of your customers.

Art Direction

A good creative director will bring your projects to life. They'll see your project like a good movie and develop all the various attributes to maximise your exposer. There is a difference between graphic design and art direction. Art direction is seeing not just the now but the future of where it all goes. They are highly sough after by all the big agency worldwide as they are the real key behind business. Its not a skill you can just pick up you’ll usually of had over 10-15 years doing design & marketing and learn’t the woes of the market place and how it can change is a second. A creative director will see things other just can’t.

Campaign Design

Great campaign can really help you stand out. Using all the skills across all the above and below topics on this page this is where they all meet. A campaign is a strategic ploy to lead customers to your business. It should be clever and meaningful and should be changed every few months and measured to see what the outcome was using data. Where I use this most is email marketing you can really see and measure the outcome of a discount or product line within a few days its a very valuable sales tool to grow your business.

Identity Creation

When designing a logo it should be a reflection of you and your business, its should be instantly recognisable and reflect the service you offer. Get it right and you’ll save yourself a whole lot of extra work over the years. When updating your logo you should take care to develop it with minor changes that the consumer will miss over the brand refresh. Doing it this way allows you to integrate over a timed period without having to change all you're marketing collateral, saving you money and time.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guide lines are developed when you have affiliate networks that will be displaying your logo. The big thing to understand with brand guidelines is that it’s not there to kill creativity but to help people know what they should and should not do with your brand. Most of you will of spent thousands of dollars developing your brand, so its important to protect your Intellectual property. When selling your business the brand will be the most valuable asset that will be a deal breaker if it not all looking right. Rebrands cost a lot of time effort and money so make sure you keep your IP by working with your designers and continuously developing it keeping it all inline. I often get jobs to help business do this and they actually spend more money fixing the whole thing than just keeping it running.

Graphic Design

Graphics help your brand stand out, having a good designer is key here someone who has a style you like. There is lots of talent out there, but this is like art some like 'cubism' and some like 'surrealism'. If you find a designer and you like their style you should try to keep them as long as you can as its not as easy as you might think to find a replacement. A good graphic designer will help you grow your brand, and develop styles your customers will get use to.

Retail Design

If you have a retail or shop chain you’ll know that getting the right look will encourage people to come in to your shop. A big part of brands is the culture and thats the following, the people who like what you do and believe in your message to change the world, the more of them you can collect the better as they usually express their believes to others, if i could give anyone advice for free it would be "give the crowd what they want" Retail is a fast environment and it comes down to who can get the poster in the shop first will have the sales. Speed and reliability are crucial here.

Point Of Sale

POS is the last choice of a consumer as they are walking down the shop isle its always important to give that last pitch, whether its gluten free, organic, these are the choice the consumer ways up before a purchase. Have your shelf talker or a unique bottle and they always pick you.

Poster Design

Never under estimate the power of a poster, Most of the time people will say that they never even saw it as they passed, but the subconscious brain takes it all in its a bit like the green emergency exit sign we all just tend to know where it is. It’s a low cost pice, that will do more good, While working with some of the biggest companies across the world they always insist on a good poster or campaign to verify the message of what the campaign is all about.

Signs & Wayfinding

Signs are the one thing people get wrong. There are a millions of bad signs out there. Forget about looking good when doing this, the purpose of a sign is information, nothing else. Make sure you have the name, what your business can do phone number and website. Keep it clear keep it simple. Big Bold text contrasting colours.


I often pass the Van or shop sign that people fails to get right. Usually a logo, No Phone Number, No Website, and that graphic shape, sorry it means nothing to the person driving behind you. Forget about looking good when doing this, the purpose of a sign is information, nothing else. Make sure you have the name, what your business can do phone number and website. Keep it clear keep it simple. Big Bold text contrasting colours.


A good photo says a thousand words, but also is multi lingual make sure your images and photography style fit what you are selling.  Your customers should look at the image there is no mistake about what you’re getting. You never see an airline showing you the seat in economy because thats not what they are selling. They are selling business and first class hence the difference in cost of the seat. Photography can be done to show users this is a premium product or discount,  if targeting a discount customer show them what they want to see the "price" one thing you should learn is images go out of date so its always needed to be refreshed or carefully selected in the start.

Website Development

Website's are our online brochure or catalogue it should be easy to find your way around and let customers get what they want. In my case I use to have lots of content, till I discovered that people only come to see my pictures. Its important lesson to identify the strategy when developing a website give the customers what you know they are looking for right from the home page.

Website Design

There is so much bad design out there in software, this is because of the two personality types out there logic and creative. Over the years I’ve developed so many user interfaces and intranets, while sitting with the logical programmers who has 25 steps for you to get through to get to what you want to actually do. Logically it makes sense to them, but put that in-front of your customers and you’ll have none. A good creative person uses design to help people get where they need to be, which your customers will love, but your programmers may not!

Website Design & Mobile Application

Packaging Design

A huge love of mine, who dose not love a good pice of packaging a nice box! Often, I’m limited to what I can do  because of budgets, making a strong design that is clearly recognisable will reap rewards. Getting a good understanding of your product ranges will really help you here, and having a style that is yours, down to fonts layouts and colours, make sure you find yourself a good designer before doing this or you’ll end up with mis-mash that will confuse your potential customers.