Two things I love one is food the second is working with old friends.

Sydney Design Agency Wowwee Design designed the Harkola logo nearly 18 years ago, and it is proof that good design lasts forever. It still looks as good as the day I created it, and I was thrilled to be able to work on the Harkola branding again to give their business an online shop with a new super cool responsive eCommerce website design branding.

First of all, you need to build a strategy so you can find ways to communicate with your audiences in innovative ways to showcase brands in your branding. That could be in Harkola's instance, a recipe or video showing how to make an authentic dish. Their website design and branding is full of features, and it is fully responsive for all computers and mobile devices to provide a better (UI ) User interface and (UX) User experience. First and foremost, with website design we expect menus and buttons to be in certain places, the website navigation enables a customer to get what they want quickly.

Without a doubt, we are all using mobile website devices more these days. The positioning of buttons and navigation is a critical part of website design and branding. Additionally, the Giants in the industry like Amazon have teams of people working this out, but they are the people who know more about how we navigate a website. Let me explain the first place a user looks for the navigation buttons on a website is on the top Right! Or on a mobile device, the tab menu, which in most cases in on the right-hand side Wow. It just what works on the computers and mobile websites and devices we all use today.

As with all website design, the first thing you have to consider is collecting the data making your website smarter. Work harder and turning traffic and offers into sales and revenue for your business. In this case, the Harkola website carries some of the most prominent European brands. The Shop page contains a filter menu to enable customers to find the products they are looking to buy. Because of the enormous amount of products we would allow people to add items to there cart from the shop page, each item clearly shows the product size and price.

For the most part, we make this choice based on the data we collect. Over the years, I've have seen companies make a choice based on an entirely wrong decision. Either advice from a designer or marketing person who has not studied the demographics and website users can diminish your sales hugely. With this in mind, you can imagine how embarrassing it is when I'm in the room, and I tell you your customer are males, not females, and every picture on your website is a girl.

Importantly you have to make it easy, the Harkola's customers are of a mixed age group so the older people who would not be as tech smart as the majority, we make it so easy for them to register and buy and log in. For example, the only thing the customer has to know is their email address the website does the rest for them. Website security and server are critical to the success of your website. You can have the best-looking website in the world, but if it can not handle traffic or don't index it correctly, that is a waste of time. For example, when you send out a marketing email, your customers will leave with a bad experience saying it was slow or they were unable to buy your offer.

Finally, any website is a tremendous amount of work. I advise clients that this like a change of lifestyle. Importantly it has to become everyone's focus. It will need continuous updates and your employees feeding into your company's website.