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Pestrol Packaging Design

Wowwee Design the Sydney Design Agency regularly creates Pestrol Packaging Designs and renders. Pestrol’s new ranges of products and assists in with the production of sales material for external sales teams.

Pestrol markets a range of quality products Australia wide through Radio and Television. These products include:Pestrol Ultra the automatic indoor and outdoor insect control dispensersPestrol regular the original automatic insect control productsRefills for all automatic insect control dispensers on the marketThe new and exciting Pestrol Plug-in that alters the existing elctro-magnetic field in your home or work place driving rodents and cockroaches outBug Eater and Pestrol Exterminator are proven outdoor insect trapping systemsWater Distillers Juicers. Australia’s best and most comprehensive range @ the best prices Bio Bee Potentiated Bee Pollen We have been involved in direct selling of health related products in Australia for well over 11 years. Combined with our contacts we have in the industry, Lifestyle Logic Pty Ltd will be able to provide you with a range of exciting products at the best prices and with great service. Products that are ordered from our site are despatched the same business day of transaction.All products have our special 30 day money back guarantee. Our products are designed to assist with providing you with a better, healthier lifestyle.

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