Typography, what is it?

First, Typography is a method used to stylise letters to make a design more visually appealing. As a designer, you can draw or alter fonts that can also make amazing logos. However, stylising typography will also create outstanding branding elements.

Readability is key!

However, nicely styled fonts and logo do one thing best they create readability. But, more importantly, it makes it easy to read. Hence keeping your brand and packaging perfect. So, have you ever wondered why all your books and magazines are written in columns?

Why create great typography?

A sciatic eye movement is a way our eye scans text. Your eyes shift from the centre of gaze to the following visual field. Often that book that puts you asleep is usually down to bad typography. For example, your eyes become tired from trying to pick up the points of the following line. Given this, you can see why your designs and layout are so important. We don't want to make people fall asleep while reading your website.

Serifs or San Serifs

Typefaces are divided up into many different styles. The serifs of a font are the small hooks at the end of the letters often; those little hooks make it super easy to read, provided you have enough line and letter spacing even in design attributes, including your website design. San Serif fonts and typefaces are often better for packaging labels signs and logos as they work at a much bigger scale.

What's your kind of type?

We all like different types and fonts. So it really comes down to your personal preference. However, I recommend picking a good font and sticking with it as a graphic designer. It will become one of your brand elements. It's also a great idea to use something like google fonts as it is readily available for everyone to access.

Lastly, if you'd like to help shape your designs and branding, ask how we can help you. Explore or develop your ideas with a measured results.