Nothing Beats Great Packaging

Wowwee Design, we are experts in building brands through design. Not only do we create your brand, but we also make a measured result using analytics. Great product labels establishes an emotional connection with customers, that will help you stand apart.

Memories are built with Touch and Smells

Accordingly, just think of those lovely gifts you've received over the years and the anticipation of opening that surprise concealed within its packaging. The Aroma and a tactile touch of the material let us understand what the product is but more importantly builds association and brand loyalty. While beautiful typography and design are critical with product labels. The material and the tone of voice used in the language communicates what the product does. The qualities the product represents to deliver a clear and consistent message.

Know your customers and market

Equally Professional product labels design that works is an art. As a packaging label designer, you'll need to make a smart decision and understand the depth of the market and your new customers what it is that makes them choose one product over another. The shape of the containers the bottle are essential when making an amazing packaging label design. Last but not least Wowwee Design, we'll provide you with the insights to connect you to your customers. We also have extensive experience in working with high volume gravure printing to offset small run digital printing.

Explore new materials

We are also able to help you, source suppliers from across the globe. Some of which make the most innovated products such as cornstarch plastics that are 100% biodegradable. Or sheep's wool containers that out preform polystyrene insulation by 3 to 1. Our experience extends well past the design and packaging labels. We are also able to source product ingredients as well as importing them to Australia. This can make your business much more profitable. Plus the better price point more appealing to consumers. And who is not in business to make money.

Ask me how

Start to explore your packaging design and develop your ideas with measured results