Let go of what is not working!

First of all, we all have old habits that we are doing continuously that serve us no good. However, it is the same for your branding websites and the marketing of your business. Let me explain often; I see businesses repeating patterns that once worked and no longer do. Importantly it is because it is all you know. But it would be best if you were careful of this cycle as it may cost you your business.

Overall, I'll focus on the website and design aspects. You can have the best products in the world, but if nobody knows, what's the point. Especially in a creative business, you feel satisfied with what you are producing. However, the lack of sales will soon wear away that enthusiasm and your designs will start to reflect this. You'll spend hours, days and months questioning what am I doing wrong!

Don't let bad choices and people hold you back

So I'm here to tell you it is nothing but your bad choices and often the people around you that keep you where you are and stop you from moving on. I've met so many people over the years who have had beautiful websites and products taking advice from people who are struggling themselves not to mention with no experience to deal with this problem.

Overall it is stuck in a rut situation. If you surround yourself with people who tell you I used to, and ten years ago I was making so much, it is time to change your thinking. Let me tell you; they are the words of someone who ten years ago had something but has not moved with the times. But, although this may be hard to hear, other businesses are doing what you are doing and thriving.

The first bubble to burst is 'it looks great!

So often, as people, we can make ourselves look great on the outside, but how we are feeling inside may not be what we are showing. Website and people are so similar in this way. But, so often, the inside workings do not reflect what is going on. Your website is complex, especially when it comes to how it works and gets found. Thankfully, with the help of so many great tools these days, we can better understand what is going on under that hood!

The Kiss of death! I've fixed it! I can leave that now!

Unfortunately, fixing something on your website or search prefs does not mean that it will stay fixed. Your website has so many different factors, including software, security and how the search engines view it. If you think Google is not updating millions of times a year, you'd be mistaken. Google is trying to do the perfect search. As website owners, we have to try and do things their way. Well, I think it would be safe to say they know what they are doing!

Stop saying! This is the way I do it!

As business owners, we need to stop this. Your way is not always right! And either is a good thing to copy what a business colleague or competitor is doing. One size can't fit all. A great starting point I'd advise is to draw a list of what is working and what isn't.

What isn't; is where you need to focus.

Please don't say the words, I think! Instead, look at your data and analytics. If people want more service, well, give them that! That is business 101. Even with my own business, I have had to do this. Ten years ago, people wanted glossy brochures. Today they want a website and data. If I continued only doing brochures, I'd have no business. But, you see, old habits, methods and people die hard.

Some things will never change.

Significantly some things never change, and that is your unique selling point. As an example, tell the customer about what it is. Use your writing skills here to say Australia Designer Hand Made, or only two ever made. Automatically here you are creating demand. However, if ten people come to buy the offer, you can offer them a chance to pre-buy your products at an early stage. Now tell me that's not going to be an excellent place to be!

Last but not least!

Ditch those old ways and methods and people that no longer serve your greater good. It is automatic once you align yourself with magnetism, and you won't even have to try. If you don't believe me think back over your life and see those days when someone did something amazing for you, and you felt great, and life was peachy. That's the feeling you need to get back to, and the people and methods are vital in changing.

Your website design is just the same, making it a feel-good experience from the layouts to be able to buy something, the follow-up emails to the packaging and delivery. Happiness is a website and business going places.

Need to Ask a question? I'd be happy to answer it for you.