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Above all, you'll understand that all brands can start to look a bit old and worn out over time if you run a business. But unfortunately, this also filters through to your customers, leaving a company and any brand stagnant.

As a graphic designer, my job has changed so much over the years, especially with the emergence of the Tech age. Because technology is moving so fast, we have become more mobile and website centric. As a result, we can deliver better content much quicker than the traditional old print methods.

However, the use of Google Analytics has enabled us to make better choices give us the ability to see how effective our designs are. Thankfully, we can define those drop-off points because of google analytics. Additionally, finding new ways to deliver a clear message can help communicate with new potential business customers.

Brand Development Graphic Designer Brand Development and Business Repositioning
Urban Strata Services Sydney Brand Development Graphic Design Wowwee Design
Urban Strata Services Sydney Graphic Design Wowwee Design

Here is the best part.

Admittedly, with the old print methods, we would have to wait to see those daily sales figures to define the effectiveness of our campaigns. However, nowadays, we can change things instantly. Not only that, but we can measure and connect to bigger audiences using social channels.

What excites me the most is that at any time, I can hook the business and sales teams up with that data so we can make better choices. It is truly fantastic.

Urban Strata Services Sydney Van Wrap Graphic Design
Urban Strata Services Sydney Van Wrap Graphic Design
Urban Strata Services Sydney Van Wrap Design
Urban Strata Services Sydney Van Wrap Graphic Design

Who does not want to do business better?

Following this, I helped USSS rebrand their business. But unfortunately, many businesses have not taken the next step and are still using an old website that is not found and not even indexed. Moreover, this was the case with USSS. Everything had just gotten old and tired.

Starting from scratch can be pretty empowering. However, it is a tremendous amount of work.

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So where do you start!

Above all, business names and domain names are a good starting point. I managed to secure the domain name which makes it easy for people to remember. Surprisingly it also tied in with our marketing strategy of Ask USSS* and Work with USSS*

From there, I registered the trademarks while setting up the business registration. You may not know that we plan out and put a strategy in place before committing to the branding. When clients see this, they are usually shocked at how much work goes in to the development part and executing each part.

I consider every business aspect, even down to the content and tone of voice. In this particular project, I identified a considerable gap of miscommunication between strata managers and the people living there.

Urban Strata Services Sydney Brand Development Graphic Design Wowwee Design

Solve problems using design.

The strategy here was to coordinate everyone into the loop. This was done by producing a business card with a QR code that we posted in everyone's letterbox. Enabling the people to provide feedback from the strata services we delivered.

Importantly this has done a few things. First of all, it clarified what people wanted to do in their building and what was important to them. Secondly, when the strata meeting happened, we collated the data, giving us a clear picture of what the building needs to make its residents happy.

With this in mind, it also gave us the ability to focus on the essential parts of the building that may need more work. Now, if you live in a strata building, you'll understand the frustration of that no communication.

Graphic Designer Wowwee Design Brand Development and Business Repositioning

Let your brand shine.

Furthermore, with any Brand Development and Business Repositioning it creates brand awareness by applying the logo and designs to our commercial fleet of vans and new uniforms. Amazingly the teams working in the buildings in the bright red uniforms and vans actually gave people confidence that we were there every day and working, not to mention that they could provide feedback on the tasks we just performed.

Welcome to the future of technology and making brands work as hard as possible. Great design and strategy makes for better business. Urban Strata Services Sydney (USSS) is a perfect example of how renewing your brand can change your business by applying connectivity to the world.

Urban Strata Services Sydney Brand Development Graphic Design Wowwee Design
Design Brand Development and Business Repositioning

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I'm Darragh and I find ways of using my creative typography logos and website design and merging the data collection using Google Analytics to return customers for businesses transitioning you into a digital world or looking for brand development and business repositioning.