Video Story Telling is a great way to tell a story and show people what you do

Video Story Telling is a great way to tell a story for a business. Wowwee Design created the Idea of the campaign 'Start Your Day' campaign. It is the first of three videos we are creating to showcase products. Small businesses, cafes and restaurants over the years rely on the products they import from the middle east.

The 'Start your Day' Video Story Telling starts off with 'Ingredients is key' The first scene is showing a traditional middle eastern coffee the sell Cafe Najjar. It then cust to people walking by martin place in Sydney on their way to work. Most people in Sydney will use a vast array of coffee shops and unique deli food daily usually with a middle eastern twist somewhere on the menu.

Most of these businesses will be buying from Harkola. In this case, Harkola has over 2000 different brands that they amalgamated under their brand. They wanted to design & create a video story telling you what it is we do.

The one big thing we all know about middle eastern food is how fresh and tasty it really is.The video then cuts to show people eating lunch sharing feta salads, Tahina, Dolma vine leaves and wine, all of which harkola supply across Australia.

The start your day campaign was to showcase the full extent of the sheer size of the product range that we all buy even to the big supermarkets buys from Harkola.

First of all, over the years, they have worked tirelessly finding the very best products. If you have not been to there shop, I strongly recommend filling your pantry with some of the world best ingredients.

For over 40 years Harkola has been Supplying food products since early 1970, Harkola opened its doors selling a full range of locally sourced and imported gourmet middle eastern food products.

Now loved by many, Harkola has taken the best food and ingredients from the middle east. Moreover they delivers them to homes, businesses, restaurant and chefs across Australia everyday.