Harkola Packaging Design

Absolutely, two things I love. Firstly is great food. Secondly is working with my friends. Wowwee designed the Harkola brand nearly 20 years ago. Proving that good packaging label design and brand last.

Moreover, Harkola is a leading distributor of brands from the middle east to Australia. They import brands both large and small. Some of the more prominent brands are Cortas, Alkanater, Krikita, Mechaalany, Cafe Najjar and Salloum. Often the smaller brands don't have the resources and skills. Harkola helps them to produce good quality packaging and marketing images to help them sell their product labels.

Importantly you can see the advantages of a great distributor. They help the smaller brands grow. Some smaller brands make such amazing products. Honestly, I even use these products myself. In fact, if it were not for a business like Harkola. Those smaller brands would, they would never reach the world.

So if there is one thing you'll know if you've ever been to a supermarket, the packaging is a crucial decision-maker in choice. From the colours and typography of any packaging label. Importantly the words and pictures of the product labels should describe the taste.

As a designer who designs fancy packaging. I have to say I'm more now drawn to those old school primeval labels with foreign writings. Why you might ask? There are so many different kinds and tastes like music, and I'd like to experience them.

As a result, my tastes have changed over the years. Not only that, but if you understand marketing, you'll of heard of marketing product funnels. What makes any product or packaging great. Well, get someone to the end of the funnel where they share with others how good the product is.

For one thing, we as people we share our experience of product and brands. I know my friends love my recommendations. But, more importantly, they share their experience with their friends. To me that is a sign of a great product, and the Packaging helps sell the product.

If you'd like to get some insights into your packaging designs. Why not ask me to help. Be that a label or a method to pack your product or label in. We can also assist in finding packaging manufacturers. Or how to comply with Australian food manufacturing standards.