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TimeTarget is a workforce management tool. Essentially for managing a large business that has multiple employees. First of all, it helps companies keep a perspective on costs. Secondly, employees and enterprises end time theft with everyone being paid fairly. Traditionally, performed by pay role with thousands of spreadsheets and post-it notes. Thankfully now, the software and robots help do those tasks that were just painful for everyone.

Undoubtedly most software is clunky! More 1980 than 2022. We love everything Apps and Google and Apple styled. Importantly, when I design layouts and wife frames, I pay attention to those I love to use. Given that, as a graphic designer, I love to start at point zero, and that's precisely what I did here. When I login into the demo site, I have to say I was less than impressed being used to all the cool user interfaces I'm used to.

Similarly, that leaves me loads of room to make things better right! In my words, the login page is always a significant part of starting. In this case, I used flat icons and nicely spaced screens. Well, everything does not have to fit on one screen anymore. I also implemented a colour code that I think helps the user experience. Red - Wrong, Orange - Try Again, - Green - Right. We all used traffic lights, so we know what to do.

Above all, any website designer knows how critical the menu is in helping people find what they are looking for. In this case, I numbered things in the importance of how often the users would use that function. There is a rule in design. Everything should have one function only. In this case, the users logging in were just there to see when they worked or edited a shift. On the other hand, the managers approved the shift swaps and ensured they had enough staff.

Now, if you'd seen these tables, saying they were hard to read is an understatement. However, as a designer, I saw the opportunity to make this visual. Because of that, I know that we think of the clock faces; we think of circular shapes when we think of time. I based my user interface design on a watch. The Day-Date and Time and then linking those up to the colours and the icons makes a great design layout that is easy to use and intuitive. Accepting shifts and Swapping shifts were all designed with the user in mind that it would be easy to click the function required.

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