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Welcome to Wowwee Design  – I’m Darragh a designer who works with people just like you to achieve goals.  I’m driven, I’m hard working, and I love to see measured results. I’ve helped many business shine brighter over the years, and I will help you if you ask. I’m a straight talker and honest and I will work within your budget and time restraints, but more than anything I will be transparent.

I do all the things you would expect;

branding, corporate identity, digital media, 3D graphics, video, graphic design, logo guidelines, packaging, photography, print design, SEO, website marketing, websites design & development app design and development.

I will work with any size business. I love to expand my verticals and horizons and learn new things. I love to see your vision and how together we can make it a reality.–  I do ask one thing that your business is ethically moral and that no person, place or thing will be harmed where heartbeats exist. Thank You.

I will help you make a strategic plan so we all know what we are doing and when we get there, I can’t predict the future, and I won’t take credit for something that was going to happen anyway, so in that scenes, I’m a realist. I will however try and do everything possible so we can reach our goal. My designs will be meaningful to your brand, created just for you. I will help your business grow in whatever direction or media you choose to do.

I will be adaptive, manoeuvrable and resourceful, giving you and your business purpose so we can feel happy about what I’m doing.

Here is 3 good reasons why! I will be cheeper than the person your using, I’m lighting fast, I don’t use middle men, and my work will be better quality than anything you’ve ever seen!

I will help you engage customers and find out what they like and don’t, so your business can become better. I will use technology and my skills and knowledge to maximise our outcome, but more than anything I will forge a relationship that you know I’m on your side to get things done.

Say Hello!

Wowwee Design is a Sydney based Brand Design Agency that specialises in Graphic Design & Website Design, Packaging, why waist thousands of dollars when Darragh can do it all. I'll even come and work in your office or anywhere in the world you are.